How to Actually Stick to your Resolutions (According to the Experts)

January 5, 2018 | Los Angeles

New Year's resolutions get a pretty bad rep. It's fair, though. Some come and go as fast as Pokemon Go… Lucky for you, we chatted with two LA-based fitness instructors and got the inside scoop on what it takes to stick to, and achieve, your biggest goals. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t require blood, sweat or all-nighters!

Meet the experts

The beginning of 2018 comes a sense of renewal and a chance to better oneself. But how do you make those resolutions stick?

We asked the experts: Meet Rene Wiley, a Precision Running Coach and Group Fitness and Cycling Instructor at Equinox Sports Clubs in Los Angeles, and Tanner Gilbert, a certified health and fitness coach at A4 Fitness and GroundWork Health and Fitness. They told us the keys to making resolutions that last - way longer than Pokemon Go.

Rene Wiley
Rene Wiley, a Precision Running Coach and Group Fitness and Cycling Instructor at Equinox Sports Clubs Los Angeles
Tanner Gilbert
Tanner Gilbert, a certified health and fitness coach at A4 Fitness and GroundWork Health and Fitness

Make your goal personal: Both Rene and Tanner agree that the first step to sticking to any goal is to make it personal. “If your New Year's Resolution is genuinely important to you, you’ll make it a priority to work towards it everyday,” Rene says. Tanner adds that seeking inspiration from within, as opposed to external motivation, is important. “This will set you up for success on your personal journey to a healthier you.”

Workout with friends: Ever thought of getting a workout buddy? Not only will you be feeling fab’n’fit, but you’ll also be enjoying your lovely friend’s company while getting sweaty! “It’s important to surround yourself with people that have the same fitness and lifestyle goals,” Rene says. “Getting a workout partner and taking group fitness classes helps hold you accountable, and also gives you the chance to motivate others when they need it as well.”

Forget that fad diet: A new year means a new you. You’re going to exercise every day, quit sugar, and never drink alcohol again. Right? Not so fast. Tanner says enough with the crash diets, cleanses and drastic diets already - they’re not sustainable! Instead, “Start simple and make small changes along the way,” he suggests. After all, saying goodbye to a bunch of food groups all at once? Sounds far too sad and unreasonable.

Routine is key: If you’re struggling with staying motivated, Rene suggests creating a routine. Whether it’s incorporating daily exercise into your schedule, pre-packing healthy meals, or walking a certain number of steps a day, setting time aside everyday to work on getting closer to your goals will help you succeed in the long run. “Soon enough, these deliberate actions will soon become healthy habits,” Rene reasons. Consistency is key, so try to stick to your routine. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up - everyone messes up sometimes, habit formation is a skill that requires practice.

Make simple lifestyle changes: For Tanner, some of the most impactful changes can be made to lifestyle. “Ask yourself the following questions," says Tanner. "How do I manage stress? Am I getting enough sleep? Do I spend enough time doing the things I enjoy?” Overcoming these smaller challenges can have larger, more meaningful impacts in the future.

Leave sweating over it in the gym: Can’t make dinner because an urgent project came up at work? Too busy with friends on the weekend that you can’t run to the grocery store? Don’t sweat it. Save that for the gym! Instead, order a healthy salad, baked chicken, or protein-packed smoothie in the Uber Eats app. There are plenty of healthy and fresh options to choose from. Simply find you’re craving, and have your fresh favorites delivered to you wherever you are - whether it’s the gym, work or home.

With all this advice under our belt, we’re raising a glass of green juice to realistic expectations and trying to become a better version of our already near-perfect selves!

Posted by Sonja Bistranin
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