Los Angeles: 5 must-try restaurants

March 11, 2019 | Los Angeles

What does a classic 70-year-old diner and a trendy organic juice shop have in common? Both have just joined the Uber Eats LA line-up—and have some very delicious company in the form of tacos, tea, and tofu soup.

Tacos Gavilan

Don’t reserve tacos just for Tuesday. Tacos Gavilan in Lynwood, one of their 12 locations, can bring ‘em to you any day—and in about the amount of time it takes to shake up a round of margaritas. Tacos are just the beginning, though. Sopes (similar to open-faced sandwiches), burritos, quesadillas, and more can be customized to your liking with beef, chicken, al pastor, carnitas, chorizo, and other exotic meats.


Kreation Organic Juicery

Feeling off balance? The options at Kreation’s Hollywood shop can help your body to feel better, and ask your brain to follow along. Pair a Happy Juice (pineapple, pear, ginger, and mint) with the Fortunate Tuna Wrap, and an Abundance Superfood Energy Bar (gluten-free granola, nuts, seeds, and whey protein) for your best day ever.


It’s Boba Time

Have your camera ready: Everything on the menu of this Little Tokyo tea shop is over-the-top Instagrammable. The acai bowls and rainbow-hued shaved ices are begging to be snapped then savored. The sips are just as stellar. Among the more than 140 drink choices, the ombre Butterfly Lemonade and the sangria-like zero-proof Mixed Fruit Tea stand out. Use either of the above to quench your thirst after a macaron—or 12.



Started as a 24/7 diner in 1949 by—you guessed it!—Norm, and now all across SoCal, NORMS has loyal fans and staff. The average employee has been on board for 12 years! They’re probably some of the best-fed people near Huntington Park, and you can be, too, with NORMS via Uber Eats. All the diner classics are covered. Wake up to Sirloin Steak and Eggs, power up at lunch with a California Cobb Salad, then finish the delicious day with NORMS Ultimate Meatloaf. If you’re lucky enough to have room for dessert, Red Velvet Cake is never a wrong choice.


GuYi Restaurant

Dig into fusion at its finest from this Brentwood cafe. “American Chinese” dishes are available for the less adventurous, including General Tso’s Chicken and Shrimp Fried Rice. On the other end of the spectrum, spice fiends can sweat over Szechuan creations such as Sliced Beef in Hot Sauce and Steamed Chicken with Green Pepper Sauce. And because carbs are never wrong, both can fight over the last bite of dumplings and savory Asian pancakes.


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