Los Angeles: 6 must-try restaurants

February 21, 2019 | Los Angeles

Burgers are only the beginning when it comes to the newest L.A. Uber Eats restaurant partners. Get app-y and order from one for dinner tonight.

Norm’s Famous Hamburgers

We challenge you to make it through the “Most Popular” Uber Eats recommendations for this mom-and-pop burger spot without a craving. Mission: Impossible! How about a ¼-pound avocado bacon cheeseburger with a side of carne asada fries? Keep scrolling the menu and you’ll also discover beyond-burger options such as pastrami, taquitos, and gyros.


Genghis Cohen

Part cocktail and concert joint, part old-school New York-style Szechuan restaurant; there’s a reason why Genghis Cohen has been open for more than 30 years. Its menu is almost as large as the country that inspired it, so there’s something for everyone. Vegetarians will dig the Tofu with Black Mushroom. Carnivores can enjoy the Triple Kung Pao with beef, shrimp, and chicken. Pescatarians can get a protein fix from Jade Scallops. And all will fight for the last bite of chocolate cake.

GenghisCohen BeefandBrocolli-1

Bludso’s BBQ

Slow and low is the mantra of Bludso’s. Owner Kevin Bludso has earned the right to use that description after spending his childhood summers learning the barbecue craft from his grandma in Corsicana, Texas…and for the fall-apart-tender brisket he offers at his bar and restaurant. Each of the meats are coated in Bludso’s signature dry rub and smoked for up to 14 hours. Whether you order ribs, pulled pork, Texas Red Hot beef sausages, or all of the above, be sure to add on sides of corn bread with honey butter and collard greens.

BludsosBBQ BrisketSandwich -1. 2880x2304

Farmer Boys (Pomona)

Farm fresh and fast food can be uttered within the same sentence. Raised on a farm and fans of all things burgers and fries, the five brothers who opened the original Farmer Boys location 38 years ago decided to combine their two loves into one concept. Since, Farmer Boys has expanded to more than 50 locations and launched “The Natural,” the first fresh, hormone-free, antibiotic-free fast food burger in the country. Try it topped with avocado and bacon. By the way, the Boys have breakfast, too.


Tsujita & Co. Noodle Production

“Production” makes this shop—a sister restaurant to Killer Noodle, Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle Annex, and Tsujita—sound like serious business. It’s fitting: They take their Vietnamese recipes seriously and load a lot of flavor into each bite. Deck out your ramen or dan dan noodles with an egg, mushrooms, or seaweed to make it your own.

Tsujita LA


Backyard barbecue plus “Cali fresh sides” are what brothers and ROCKBIRD owners Daniel and Chris Skaf promise at this Glendale counter-service restaurant. Place your order and stock up on napkins, and you can indulge in a Nitro Bird Sandwich adorned with buffalo sauce and ranch and So-Cal Corn on the Cob from the comfort of your couch.

LA Rock bird

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