Mo Better Burgers grills up soulful burgers in Los Angeles

February 12, 2018 | Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city known for glitz and glamour, but it wouldn’t the same without a dash of soul! Mo Better Burgers is providing just that, in addition to giving the Mid-City neighborhood beef and turkey burgers fit for the stars. With frequent customers including some of the Hollywood elite (many of whom are immortalized with menu items), Mo Better Burgers is more than just the the burger joint du jour. It’s a Los Angeles institution.

Started by the mother-daughter duo of Tami Bennett and Eve Fouche in 1991, Mo Better seeks to provide customers with the highest quality ingredients, including homemade french fries and steak-quality beef.

Beyond the delicious fare, Mo Better Burgers serves as a meeting place for the community. It’s not uncommon to see a father come to grab a turkey burger, only to have his children follow five minutes later to grab fries with friends.

According to Eve and Tami, this sense of community at Mo Better peaked during the early-90’s L.A. Riots. The community burger joint was one of the few businesses that served African-Americans during one of the most racially-tense times in the city’s history.

“During the Riots there was a point where there weren’t a lot of places where a lot of black folks could really go…I remember a lot of black folks coming over to our place asking what’s the word, what’s the news,” says Eve Fouche.

Still committed to building that local connection, Mo Better continues to try to know every customer personally.

"I would say 60% of [customers] we know by name," explains Tami Bennett. "For the most part it’s really like family.”

With an upcoming plan for expansion, including a larger dining room, more menu items, and longer store hours, Mo Better Burgers isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This Black History Month, we celebrate them and their commitment to serving Los Angeles.

For more information about Mo Better Burgers' plans to expand visit, and find them on Uber Eats website or inside the app to taste the soulful burgers they're cookin' up.

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