How this West Hollywood yogurt shop celebrates Pride every day

June 7, 2018 | Los Angeles

Nestled among the rainbow-flag-flanked streets of West Hollywood is a bright and colorful yogurt shop that serves up inventive flavors that are as vibrant and unique as the neighborhood’s residents. But Yogurt Stop is more than just a frozen yogurt joint; it’s a place of acceptance and understanding.

Owned and operated by the wife duo Marta Knittel and Shoshana Joseph, Yogurt Stop chose to open in West Hollywood as a way to support the LGBTQ+ community.

“Being part of this community, we wanted to not only have the best yogurt on the planet, but we wanted to make equality indigenous to our community and make our store a safe, happy place,” says Joseph.

The West Hollywood neighborhood is known for its buzzing nightlife and popular restaurants, but what the neighborhood is most known for is its LGBTQ+ cosmopolitan community.

During the 1960s, a number of LGBTQ+ residents migrated into the West Hollywood area in an effort to escape the persecution they faced at the hands of the LAPD and other city departments. Thus, the area transformed into a symbol of LGBTQ+ liberation and activism in the heart of Hollywood.

With playfully named flavors including Lezbionic Tonic and Coming Out Batter, Yogurt Stop’s tongue-in-cheek treats have been a rousing success.

“Every person is welcome in our ‘home’,” explains Joseph. “You are free to be, and we instill in our staff that we have a non-judgmental work environment.”

Yogurt Stop is committed to cultivating an accepting and inclusive workplace for their staff.

“We’ve interviewed and hired many LGBT members of the community,” Joseph says. “We’ve heard horror stories… they’ve had to work in an environment where they were made fun of for being gay or transgender… where their only answer was to leave.”

For Yogurt Stop, Pride means being able to live your authentic self on a daily basis both in the workplace as well as in your community. The shop strives to celebrate Pride year-round. Their rainbow-colored flavors, flags, and decorations don’t just stay up for the month of June! They even have a 500 square feet rainbow-painted “gay wall”.

Even if you can’t make it to West Hollywood to experience the fun at the store, you can find Yogurt Stop on the Uber Eats website or inside the Uber Eats app. Celebrate Pride in June and try their inventive frozen yogurt flavors, mouth-watering shakes, and freshly-baked toppings.

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