Behind the wheel with Justin, Uber Eats LA Delivery Partner

March 5, 2018 | Los Angeles

A full time history student at College of the Canyons, he’s just one of our many delivery partners who hits the road between hitting the books. Justin splits his time between studying and earning extra money, one Uber Eats trip at a time.

For Justin, being an Uber delivery partner runs in the family - both his mother, brother and sister drive for the ride-sharing platform! After completing high school, Justin was reluctant to go straight into a full-time job. That’s when his brother introduced him to Uber Eats. The ride sharing platform would be the perfect way for him to balance school and work, while still maintaining freedom in his schedule. As soon as he turned 19 he signed up for Uber Eats!

Courier - Justin-17 (1)

Apart from being a full-time student, Justin owns his own business providing financial literacy to the community. Uber Eats has become his “side gig”, which he uses to fill up his schedule between school and his company. Justin also delivers with Uber Eats to meet people, and loves picking up deliveries from certain restaurants. “Fresh Corn Grill and Tocaya are favorites”, Justin says, with both restaurants knowing who he is now!

Justin’s favorite Uber Eats drop off? One day he dropped food off to the same eater 3 times in one day - breakfast, lunch and then dessert from Sweet Lady Jane.

Courier - Justin-13

We asked Justin what advice he would give someone new to Uber Eats? “Know your city, this leads to efficiency”, he advises. “Knowing where to park, where to drop off… Uber Eats is a thinking game, if you know where everything is, it equates to more deliveries”.

Are you ready to earn money while earning a degree, on your terms? Then the flexibility Uber Eats offers to college students may be perfect for you. Sign up today.

Posted by Pallavi Mathur
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