Behind the wheel with Juan, UberEATS LA courier-partner

November 30, 2017 | Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered who the friendly-face in your driver’s seat is outside of the car? Meet Juan, an UberEATS courier partner, full-time student and retail employee. He’s just one of our many courier-partners who hits the road between hitting the books. When he’s not busy studying and working, he’s behind the wheel getting to know Los Angeles and its delicious food scene, one UberEATS trip at a time.

Juan is a born and bred Californian, growing up as the oldest of seven kids. As well as being a Business Administration major at Mt. San Antonio College, he also works a full-time retail job. With a full plate, Juan wanted to make some extra money - however between work and school, a second retail position seemed impossible. After coming across a blog post about UberEATS, he decided to give it some thought. The final sign that he needed to sign up? An ad on Facebook about driving for UberEATS! After signing up and completing his first delivery, Juan quickly realised UberEATS was the perfect fit.

“As a full time student and working a full-time job, UberEATS let’s me make enough money to pay that extra bill, or make sure I make the month's rent without having to borrow money from anyone”, Juan says.

Plus, UberEATS gives Juan the flexibility of adjusting his work schedule from week to week, which fits nicely with the ebbs and flows of a college year. He takes his gaps in his schedule, and turns them into money-earning opportunities.

“UberEATS gives me the power to work in my free time and have it actually matter”, he explains.

Courrier Partner Juan 2

It doesn’t harm that Juan is a self-confessed “big foodie”. Picking orders up from restaurants has allowed Juan to interact with different restaurants and experience new cultures and cuisine types. He’s even discovered a bunch of new eateries in his neighborhood that he wasn’t aware of before UberEATS!

We asked Juan for some pro tips for new UberEATS couriers. Apart from scheduling your day in advance, and being patient with the app, Juan says going that extra mile for customers can go a long way.

“It’s the small things that make a difference - getting out of the car and greeting them, saying bye,” says Juan.” This not only makes a huge difference in the experience, but it also helps with tips!”.

Are you ready to earn money while earning a degree, on your terms? Then the flexibility UberEATS offers to college students may be perfect for you. Learn more here:

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