Back to the Westside: The 3 Pies You Need to Try

April 2, 2018 | Los Angeles

When it comes to pizza, nobody’s doing it quite like the teams behind Joe’s Pizza, Regular Guy’s Pizza, and Thick N’ Tasty Pizza. Having all recently expanded to the Westside, these three iconic pizza joints serve up everything from Joe’s mouth-watering New York-style pies, Regular Guy’s amazing thin crust pizza, and tasty thick crust from Thick N Tasty. We get it, with so much on offer where does one even begin? We’ve done the hard work for you and picked the must-try pizza from each of these three restaurants. Without further ado, here are our picks:

Joe's Pizza - Fresh Mozzarella Pie:

Fresh Mozzarella Pie

Barely a handful of ingredients are used to create this perfect fresh mozzarella pie from Joe’s Pizza. With the no-fail combination of fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, and fresh basil, all on a perfectly cooked NYC-style thin crust - you can bet that you won’t be sharing any of this pizza!

Regular Guy's Pizza - "The Boss":

The Boss

If you like each slice of heavenly goodness covered in cheese, and more cheese, order The Boss from Regular Guy’s. This pie is so good it’s even the founder's favorite combination, and trust us, after one bite it’s easy to see why! Think homemade pizza dough, smothered with a tangy pizza sauce, covered with a blend of five cheeses, then topped with pepperoni, sausage, thinly sliced green peppers, and thin cut sweet onions. It really is quite amazing!

Thick N' Tasty Pizza - Larry's Pepperoni Overdose:

Pepperoni Overdose

Did someone say pepperoni pizza? Perhaps our favorite topping on a pie, your tastebuds will certainly thank you after digging into Larry’s Pepperoni Overdose from Thick N’ Tasty Pizza. What starts with a tangy homemade pizza sauce infused with pepperoni oil (yes, we said pepperoni oil), is then covered with double the cheese of a normal pizza, then covered again with a mountain of pepperoni. And when we say a mountain of pepperoni, we mean a mountain pepperoni - this pizza has three times the regular amount of pepperoni on their average pepp slice!

Are you hungry yet? Us too! That’s why we’re celebrating that Joe’s Pizza, Regular Guy’s Pizza, and Thick N’ Tasty Pizza are now on Uber Eats with free delivery on all orders from these 3 delicious restaurants, all week long. Simply enter promo code 3SLICES at checkout to unlock this tasty promo.

*Free delivery up to $5. Offer expires 04/08/18 when all participating restaurants have closed. Valid at Joe’s Pizza Venice, Regular Guy’s Pizza Venice, Thick N’ Tasty Pizza Venice. Offer can be used more than once.

Posted by Dillon Woodward
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