Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: Sweets by Belen

November 16, 2017  /  United States  /  Houston  /  Talk of the Table

Peruvian dessert shop owner Belen moved to Houston in search of opportunity. As a Spanish teacher, Belen spent free time baking her grandmother’s famous alfajores after school and sold them to local restaurants. After 15 years of teaching, Belen was inspired to take a leap of faith and fully dedicate her time to sweets.

“I always wanted to build something which brought my Peruvian heritage to Houston. My shop is my own but brings with it my upbringing from my mother and grandmother. I cook from feel, not recipes, but every now & then I call my mother and ask for tips.”

What started as a brightly decorated van, the “Sweet Mobile” going to farmer’s markets has now turned into a beautifully vibrant storefront in Hillcroft.

Belen has been on the UberEATS platform for 10 months, which has helped Houstonians learn about her delicious treats.

“We are able to reach customers that we probably couldn’t. Most of the time they are foodies who want to try something different.”

Inside Belen’s shop, you will find a festive dress covered in handmade bracelets. 100% of the bracelet sales proceeds support Project Piruw to help educate children who don’t have a place to go after school.

“I was very poor when I was a kid and someone else helped me. I am not rich right now but I am in a better place and you always have to help.”

In the future, Belen plans to open more stores across the globe. She loves to travel and hopes to bring more success to her business in honor of her grandmother.

Posted By Samantha Migdal