MVPs of March Madness: Meet delivery partner Frank

March 12, 2019  /  United States  /  Talk of the Table

Frank is never one to do something halfway. After he joined the Navy and graduated from submarine school, he checked onto his first boat on September 11, 2001 and earned several medals throughout his service.

When he lifts weights (kettlebells are a fave), he lifts heavy. As he exercises, he’s often training for his next criterium bike race or triathlon alongside competitors that have raced in some of the world’s most famous races. And when he delivers with Uber Eats—on his bike, naturally—he does so efficiently and with an eye on what’s best for those commuting alongside him and what’s best for his customers.

“I hold safety as my number one priority while out on the road,” Frank says, citing his military background as the source of his buttoned-up safety strategy.

So for giving his all—and giving it in all the ways—we’ve selected Frank as one of four Uber Eats “MVPs of March Madness®,” or Most Valuable Partners. He’ll be celebrating his win with seats to the March Madness® action in San Jose.

It might take some convincing to inspire Frank to take some time off, though. “My work takes up most of my time, but I’ve built my life around things I love,” he continues. “I’ve always been a nerd who gets excited about learning new things.”

Born in Cleveland Ohio, then raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the current Berkeley resident works as an independent illustrator and graphic designer in the gaming industry when he’s not signed on as an Uber Eats delivery partner.

“I don’t actually play games often now, unfortunately, although I grew up playing a lot of fantasy video games and tabletop role-playing games. I have a style of art that just happens to fit well within that genre”

During the few times he does take his feet off the gas pedal (or should we say bike pedals), Frank likes to fuel up with plenty of keto-friendly foods including salmon, avocados, and broccoli…and a little dessert, too.

“I believe that low-carb ice cream might be the greatest dessert ever invented,” he says.

After a scoop, he’s back to his disciplined intermittent fasting ways.

“It takes discipline and dedication to perform at the highest level,” Frank says, and he seems to have all of that.

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