What ingredient to add to your burrito, based on your horoscope

May 1, 2019  /  United States  /  Talk of the Table

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you: Your personality, your relationship tendencies, your ideal career, and more. But did you know that it can also help you decide what to order for dinner on Cinco de Mayo? No fortune teller or palm reader required!

Using a Dos Toros burrito as the base, we’re recommending the #1 ingredient pick that will help you channel your zodiac sign on May 5—and beyond.

Aries = Salsa

As an Aries, you make the most of every opportunity, so go ahead: add salsa. Your dynamic nature aligns with the salsa vibes. Chunky or smooth? Spicy or mild? As a dip or as a filling? You only live once, so whichever way you select, spice up your life.

Taurus = Sour Cream

Taurus, known as one of the more pleasure-driven signs, should surely ask for extra sour cream. You’re sensual, just like a smooth, luscious scoop of sour cream. You also appreciate security, so why not score it by way of a cozy blanket of dairy?

Gemini = Guac

Guac on, Geminis! Your expressive, versatile qualities make a magnificent match with any crowd, just like guacamole partners well with any burrito protein. As chameleons of a sort, Geminis are renowned for adapting to any situation. Avocados are renowned for transforming from whole fruit to scrumptious scoop. What a duo!

Cancer = Tortillas

Since Cancer rules the stomach, they adore hosting and rolling out the red carpet for guests. Fittingly, tortillas “host” the burrito party. You both protect others around you (your friends and family; the beef and beans). Cancers also value self care—and a quintessential form of that comes via carbs, don’t you think?

Leo = Habanero Hot Sauce

Some like it hot, including fiery, passionate, and strong Leos! That means you should surely choose habanero hot sauce as one of your condiments. Leos also thrive in the spotlight, and since this is often added as the final component of a burrito, it’s a spot-on selection.

Virgo = Rice

What could be a better burrito equal for a sign represented by the goddess of wheat than grain? Virgos, you believe any problem can be solved—and that isn’t a flaw—just as rice or farro believe a burrito can still be a meal without a tortilla.

Libra = Chicken

Libra, you’re all about harmony and pleasing those around you. Pick the pollo asada (chicken), America’s most popular protein, to fill your burrito. You’re also social and play well with others, similar to how chicken complements any topping combo you desire.

Scorpio = Market Veggies

Be brave, Scorpios! As the scorpion, you wait, then strike, and are known to brighten dark places with your spirit. You’re mysterious and passionate, so brighten up your burrito with a pleasant amount of colorful (and nutritious) market veggies.

Sagittarius = Carnitas

Sagittariuses are adventurous and among the most generous humans, just as this hearty pork recipe is generous with its flavor and uber-tender after being braised. Your wanderlust pairs well with the way shredded carnitas travel through the burrito. You are an adventurer when it comes to life so why not with food?

Capricorn = Beans

Capricorn, you sure are a hard worker. But you become playful with age, similar to the way dried beans magically loosen up after cooking. Opt for beans instead of meat—you prefer independence and can enjoy a focus on the protein and the flavor of this vibrant meatless main.

Aquarius = Melted Cheese

Aquarius, you think big and value teamwork, so ask for melted cheese. It brings the various burrito elements together, just like you do for the members of your team, family, or friend group. You also don’t mind a bit of shock value. If they offer pepper cheese, that’s your dream dairy date!

Pisces = Sauteed Corn

Pisces, you’re affectionate and appreciate romance. So spoon up some sauteed corn—dozens of kernels team up harmoniously to make one ear, just like your empathetic M.O. helps you be a star partner or manager.

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Posted By Karla Walsh