Hiking? Picnicking? Here’s how to pack the perfect spread

June 29, 2018 | California

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially when the weather’s nice. From the beach to the open road, summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy some much needed fun in the sun.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for planning any outdoor gathering this summer, no matter where you go.

Pick a location ahead of time! A little planning can go a long way when choosing an outdoor spot. If you’re wanting a picnic at a park or beach, scope out the best spots to lay a blanket and take note of the nearest restrooms.


Ideally, choose a location that’s picturesque, with plenty of shade and away from crowds or street noise. If you prefer to go camping or hiking, make sure to research the trails and camping facilities beforehand to avoid any surprises at the last minute.

Drop a pin. Once you’ve picked a location, invite your friends. Send a group text message with details and drop a pin with the location for your outdoor shindig. The best part? You’ll avoid the series of “where are we meeting?” messages you’re bound to get otherwise.

Order in (or out). An essential part of any outdoors gathering is the food. It not only needs to be tasty, it also needs to be easy to pack and carry along on any adventure.

For a trip to the beach, try a light and refreshing poke bowl. Sweetfin in Santa Monica offers yummy bowls you can customize with toppings like avocado, toasted coconut flakes, and mango for a tropical touch you’ll love.

Rainbow Food

Need something that travels easier? San Francisco’s Sushirrito brings together all the convenience of a burrito filled with the deliciousness of a sushi roll. Try their Latin Ninja, stuffed with salmon belly poke, plantain chips, and ginger guac.

If you’re having a picnic at the park, go for a juicy burger or sandwich. In in San Francisco, Popsons sticks to the basics with a range of tried-and-true classics like their savory burger that’s packed with truffle cheese and mushroom, yum!

Bettys Burgers Selection

Or check out Memphis Minnie’s. This BBQ joint specializes in smokehouse sandwiches that bring the meats like their signature Southern Star which blends Texas brisket with Memphis sweet pork.

Going hiking around Los Angeles? Try the Energy Bowl from Juice Budz, made with chia seeds and acai, this bowl will make you go the distance. They even have smoothies for a post-hike treat you won’t forget.

Beleeza Açai Bar

If you need to carb-load before a difficult trek, try Dialog Cafe, which offers up mouthwatering breakfast burritos loaded with eggs, hash browns, handmade ketchup, and creamy cheddar cheese.

Don’t forget the drinks! And plenty of them. Keep your squad refreshed with natural pressed juices from the Hollywood-approved Moon Juice, which whips up liquid gold daily using only locally sourced, organic ingredients that are perfect for summer.

MoonJuice Canyon Greens

Any outdoor activity can be thirsty work, and no meal is complete without a tasty beverage. Keep things cool with a cooler, or if it’s a bit brisk, bring along a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate -- your guests will thank you.

Need more restaurant inspo? Browse any of the mentioned restaurant partners (and more!) near you to curate the perfect year-round menu.

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