Boston: 5 restaurants you need to try

December 12, 2018 | Boston

No need to book a plane ticket—just open up your Uber Eats app and find a world of global fare at your fingertips from these new restaurant partners.

Pho and I

Cozy up with a bowl of noodle soup. Along with its namesake dish, Pho and I also cook up a range of Vietnamese and Thai dishes, including several takes on bun (vermicelli bowls topped with various proteins and veggies), fried rice, and stir-fried noodles.

BO Pho


Its name roughly translates to “chow down” in Thai and that’s exactly what you’ll want to do after looking at Dakzen’s menu. The tempting street food-style eats feature some typical takeout options (pad Thai, fried rice), but it’s the lesser-seen fare—boat noodles, Thai-style sai ua sausage, crispy stir-fried pork belly (called khao grapow moo grob)—that are likely to make the bigger impression.

BO Dakzen

Mehak Restaurant

Good food can come from the least likely of places—like this Indian eatery a stone’s throw away from Logan Airport. Divvied into “specialties,” the menu offers up the best of the region, from vegetarian chana masala to seafood shrimp saag to kabuli pulao, an Afghani rice with carrots, raisins, and lamb that stands by itself as the sole chef’s pick.

BO Mehak

Fin’s Sushi+Grill

If you’re a sushi enthusiasts, then you simply must include Fin’s into your dinner rotation. All forms of the Japanese specialty are available: cooked or raw versions of nigiri, hand-cut rolls, or plates of sashimi. Specialty rolls mix sweet and savory ingredients—the Snow Mountain Maki, for example, features crab meat, shrimp tempura, and avocado with coconut flakes and eel sauce on top. Non-sushi eaters can choose from fried rice, noodles, or tempura and katsu.

BO Fin

The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery

Having made its way from Portugal to New Jersey and finally Boston, The Neighborhood has been an breakfast and lunch institution since 1983. It continues to sling homestyle meals daily. In the morning, that means eggs, stacks of pancakes, and omelettes; at lunch, heartier fare include grilled fish, paella, and lamb chops. The mom and pop shop’s Portuguese roots are still evident in some of the featured dishes, like the linguica (a cured sausage flavored with garlic and paprika), cod cakes, and barbecued febras de pork.

BO Neighbor

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