10 BBQ side dish ideas for a next-level barbecue

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It’s time to dig out the tongs, dust off the grill, and invite all your pals for a patio-based party. While burgers and dogs are musts, the real magic and creativity lies in your BBQ side dish and BBQ dessert idea game. Hosting can be hectic enough so feel free to outsource some of the cooking to your favorite restaurants available on Uber Eats.

Consider these 10 best BBQ side and sweet upgrades—each (or all) will guarantee your cookout be a home run.

1. Take a trip south of the border

Not all of the best BBQ sides are strictly all-American. Take some inspiration from our neighbors to the south with a Mexican street food-style snack. Combine corn kernels (order cobs from your favorite southern food restaurant on Uber Eats) with crumbled cotija cheese, a squeeze of lime juice, and chili powder to taste for a zesty substitute for buttered corn on the cob. Finish with a few leaves of fresh cilantro.

2. Make it a fry day

No cookout feels complete without a starchy BBQ side dish. While potato salad is a summer classic, we’re more fond of fries that can be topped with meats, cheeses, and seasonings (like poutine!) once party guests have left and you’re able to cozy up to the leftovers. Seek out a shop with sides of fries on Uber Eats and adorn as you see fit. You earned it, host with the most.

3. Crown pasta salad with chips

Pasta salad is one of the best BBQ sides for pleasing a crowd and is an easy way to sneak in more veggies. Still, it can be a bit one-note in terms of texture. Order a big bowl from your local deli on Uber Eats, then top your big serving bowl of pasta salad with corn chips or potato chips. Instant crunch and salt, all from one additional ingredient!

4. Bring on the baked beans!

No time to make baked beans from scratch? No sweat. You can order them instead! Baked beans are a must-have BBQ side dish at any party. Not only do they make the perfect little side dish, they’re also a good source of protein, high in fibre, and generally low in fat and calories. Not sold on the benefits? Well, they also contain minerals such as iron and zinc, and are a good source of B vitamins.

5. Stick it

Make your meal more mobile by servings skewers. That way, you can play a round of frisbee or bags (or, you know, hold that drink) with one hand, and snack with the other. For a BBQ side, try: Mozzarella cheese pieces + fresh basil leaves + cherry tomatoes For a BBQ dessert ideas, try: Pound cake bites + fresh berries

6. Go green

Green beans aren’t just for Thanksgiving and Easter casseroles. They’re in peak form come late spring and early summer and can add freshness to your BBQ side dish spread. Whether grilled, roasted, or in a raw salad, these vegetables will make the farm-to-table crew proud.

7. Build a watermelon bowl

Don’t toss that watermelon rind. Slice of a thin piece from the bottom so it sits flat lengthwise. Carve a hole in the top like a pumpkin, scoop out the flesh for a fruit salad (a melon baller or small ice cream scoop will do the job nicely), leaving the rind untouched. Then toss together a fruit salad or order one from a deli on Uber Eats and refill the watermelon bowl for a fresh and festive centerpiece.

8. Head to the ranch

Fiery spices and taste bud-tingling peppers can be polarizing. There’s no need to build a bland BBQ side dish spread, though. Run to the ranch! Seasoning, that is. It’s fairly universally-loved and a simple, semi-homemade way to boost blank-slate ingredients. Start by tossing small potatoes or halved fingerlings with olive oil, dust with a bit of ranch seasoning blend, and fold into a foil packet for the grill. Heat until fork-tender.

9. Make it cake-o-clock

Little says “party time!” more than cake. Rather than fighting over the largest slice or fussing with layers, score a round of cupcakes (mini or mondo, depending on your hunger level) from an Uber Eats bakery for a BBQ dessert idea that will keep the peace and cure the sweet cravings all at once.

10. Scoop up some sorbet

There aren’t many desserts more refreshing in the warmer months than a scoop (or three!) of seasonal sorbet. The day before your barbecue bash, order an array of fruity sorbets from a nearby ice cream parlor on Uber Eats. Store in the freezer until it’s time for a sweet treat, then add a stack of mini scoops to coupe glasses or Champagne flutes. Top off each with sparkling wine and raise a glass to a your winning party

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