12 game day food ideas made for sharing

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The most important thing to remember for game day? Okay, that’s probably to make sure the TV is set up. But a really close second is the game day snacks. We’ve put together a list of easy game day food ideas that’ll keep you fueled up and ready to cheer. Who says the athletes are the only ones who need to carb-load?

1. Nachos

All great game nights need to start with nachos. Ideally covered in melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and maybe some chili con carne. Nachos are quick, easy and ideal for sharing, and you can pick your own selection of dips to go with them to really up your hosting game.

2. Fries

Classic, curly, sweet potato, loaded…there’s a fry to suit every taste, which is probably why they’re an essential part of any sharing platter. Pro-tip from some potato aficionados: always order more fries than you think you want because however many you think you want, you’re wrong.

3. Chicken wings

If there are no chicken wings on the table, are you even watching a sports game? Firmly in the category of finger food, chicken wings make great snacks for when you’re hosting a viewing party or even just watching by yourself. More wings for you.

4. Pizza

If you’re reading this and thinking that pizza is not a snack—well maybe you’re right—but it is too good not to include on this list. It’s got all the makings of a great game-day snack: it’s universally popular, you can add your own toppings as you like, you can eat it with your hands, and it’s covered in melted cheese. What more could you want?

5. Mozzarella sticks

Name a better game-day food idea than sticks full of fried cheese. We’ll wait. Easy to eat with your fingers while you’re busy yelling at the ref, mozzarella sticks are an essential part of the viewing party buffet. You can pick whatever dipping sauces you want, but we recommend good, old-fashioned ketchup.

6. Sliders

The great thing about mini burgers is that you can eat more of them. Sliders come in many different forms but perhaps the most popular are hamburger patties. You can stuff them with the fillings of your choice, from meatballs to pulled pork.

7. Veggie platter

Make sure all the veg-heads are well fed at your viewing party with a fresh veggie platter complete with dipping sauces or the vegetarian staple, hummus. You can keep it simple with cut vegetables or make it interesting and order in a selection of crackers, cheeses, fruits and even snack foods such as spring rolls or samosas.

8. Crispy wontons

Fried food? Check. Finger food? Check. Perfect game-day food? Check. Crispy wontons can be filled with your choice of meats or veggies and make a great snack dish. Just make sure you order plenty of sweet chili sauce and soy sauce for dipping.

9. Sandwiches

An oldie but a goodie, sandwiches are an easy crowd-pleaser when you’re hosting a viewing party. Make sure to get a selection so the cheese-lovers, egg-and-cress aficionados, and you-can’t-beat-a-classic-ham advocates are all catered for.

10. Onion rings

Consistently ranking up at the top of the list for best fried foods (we haven’t conducted any actual research, but it feels like a no-brainer), onion rings are a great snack for any occasion but especially for sports games.

11. Popcorn

If you’re going to gather around the TV to watch anything, someone is going to want some popcorn. We don’t make the rules. Besides, it’ll give you something to throw at the TV when the ref makes a bad call.

12. Cookies

Make sure you don’t forget about the sweets table when you’re planning for game-day buffet. The pros of getting cookies to watch the game: they’re easy to grab and they’re delicious. The cons: people will be distracted from the game because they’ll be busy having the oatmeal-raisin vs chocolate chip debate.

From sweet to savory, Uber Eats got your stomach covered so you can keep your head in the game. What’s your must-have game day snack?

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