The World's 1st Anti-Aging Ice Cream

March 27, 2018 | India

An Uber Eats Exclusive |

Smooth and creamy dark chocolate ice cream, that also works on 8 signs of aging? Hard to believe, but it’s actually true.

Sanjay Gupta

While we are still wrapping our heads around this mind-boggling idea, Uber Eats has plans for the future. Not just dark chocolate, but anti-aging ice creams of different exotic flavors will be available by next summer.   Talking about this mouth-watering innovation, Namita Katre, Head of Brand - Uber Eats, was gung-ho about the prospects.


Meanwhile, the impact of this innovation has already created ripples all over the country.


No wonder, everyone is already going nuts. Only a limited stock is available right now, so make sure you pre-book this delicious ice cream before it gets over.

In case you haven't seen what the #AntiAgingIceCream looks like, check it out here:

Note: April Fools!

Posted by Mukund Kabra
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