6 occasions when two meals are better than one

September 17, 2018 | Canada

There are certain situations where less is more, but that’s rarely true when the situation involves your favourite food. From September 17 to 23, get more of the food you love with buy one, get one specials from some of your favourite restaurants on Uber Eats, and make these occasions - or any occasion - more delicious for less.

Date Night

Both you and your S.O. have been looking forward to a cozy night on the couch catching up with the newest must-watch Netflix show. Make it a truly no-stress (and affordable!) date night by ordering in. The best part: there’ll be no fighting about who’s turn it is to do the dishes.

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Late-Night Study Session

The school year may have just started, but many students are already slammed with assignments and exams. Is a late-night study session in order, but you’re having trouble staying awake? Fuel up with a fellow hungry scholar and make sure you both have enough energy to get straight As this semester.

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Lunch Hour

If the highlight of your 9-to-5 is eating lunch with a coworker, your afternoon meal is about to get even better. For the price of one, enjoy two leisurely lunches that won’t require either of you to waste time in the never-ending line at the cafeteria salad bar.

TV Binge

Whether you’re tuning into the new slate of fall television shows or just your weekly can’t-miss episode of your favourite guilty pleasure, the viewing will only be better with some company—and some good eats. With dinner for two delivered straight to your door, neither of you will miss a crucial moment.


Friend’s Night In

The bottle of rose is chilling and K-beauty face masks are on deck. A click of a button on your Uber Eats app will save you from spending the evening behind the stove and missing out on all of your girlfriend’s latest life updates.

Coffee Break

Get over the afternoon slump with a pick-me-up for you and your work BFF. That could mean something as simple as a cup of coffee and a pastry or full-on dessert spread for two—whatever will help brighten a humdrum work day.

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September 17 through 23, make any occassion more delicious for less with buy one, get one specials from some of your favourite restaurants. Now through September 23, order one featured menu item from participating restaurants near you, and get a second free. Check out the banner in the Uber Eats app for participating restaurants near you, and get more ‘yum’ for your buck, only on Uber Eats.


The ‘Buy one, get one free’ (BOGO) offer applies to the regular menu price (before tax) of items identified as a ‘Buy One, Get One’ on the menu at participating restaurants featured in the banner at the top of the Uber Eats app. You must order ‘Buy One, Get One’ items to take advantage of this discount. Individual items and prices may vary by location and supply may be limited, check the app for availability.

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