Tonight, I’ll be eating…. inspired by Naomi Watts, Boy George and Sophie Monk

November 16, 2017  /  Australia  /  Talk of the table

Do you know what you’re eating for dinner tonight?

Well, we asked more than 1,000 Aussies this very question, and discovered more than one in three of us still don’t know what we’re eating for dinner by 5pm each day.

It makes sense. We live increasingly busy lives and it’s hard to find the time to get inspired about our food choices.

That’s where UberEATS can help. Every day we partner with thousands of restaurants, who collectively offer more than 150,000 different menu items to Australian consumers through the UberEATS app.

This newfound choice and variety is reinventing food delivery and it’s proving super popular with a large and growing number of Aussies.

We wanted to bring this to life with some of the country’s most well-known and cherished personalities in our first major campaign, ‘Tonight, I’ll be eating.’

It offers a glimpse into the unique appetites of celebrities, inspiring Aussies to broaden their culinary horizons and explore the magic of UberEATS.

But the real stars of the show with UberEATS are our restaurant partners.

That’s why we’re proud to put more than 40 local restaurants front and centre in prime time - including Butter in Surry Hills, Dougie’s Grill in Kogarah and Chimek in Fremantle - alongside the likes of Naomi Watts, Boy George, Ryan Kwanten and Sophie Monk (just to name a few).

Naomi Watts, said of UberEATS: “After a long day at work, gliding down staircases and tousling my hair, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a cheesy treat… Tonight, I’ll be eating a triple cheese stack with fries. Simply award-winning.”

Renowned the world over as a star performer, at home Boy George is no stranger to a bit of heat. “A good dish is a triple threat… It has to have flare. It has to perform well with others. And it has to be spicy! Tonight, I’ll be eating a saucy little vindaloo with lentil dhal and garlic naan.”

Luckily for Boy George, if he wants to mix up his spicy food, he can also choose to order Mexican, Chinese or Thai in addition to his favoured Indian via the UberEATS app.

Fan favourite Sophie Monk is no stranger to a night in, as she regularly told Bachelorette fans during her recent stint on the show. “A TV dinner doesn’t have to be complete crap. Tonight, I’ll be eating a gourmet mushroom burger with fancy aioli and a side of slaw. Now can you move please? You’re blocking the telly.”

Additional beloved Australian personalities are discovering the joys of food delivery via UberEATS, with additional food and fan favourites to be announced soon.

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