New mystery McFlurry® revealed — try it first on Uber Eats

August 26, 2018  /  Australia  /  Promotions

What makes a perfect food combo? Perhaps it’s the complementary taste of sweet and savoury or smooth and crunchy that feels oh-so-satisfying. From pancakes and syrup to bacon and eggs, some combos are simply a match made in heaven.

Here’s another food combo trend: did you know that one in four McDonald’s® Apple Pies are purchased with a Sundae on Uber Eats?

Well, here’s some sweet news — we’ve teamed up with McDonald’s® to give you the first taste of two iconic desserts, combined by popular demand. Introducing the Apple Pie McFlurry®: a brand new McFlurry® flavour with creamy soft serve topped with delicious Apple Pie and warm caramel sauce.

Be the one of the first in the world to try the Apple Pie McFlurry® on Uber Eats, before it becomes available at McDonald’s® Restaurants for a limited time from 5 September. Now that’s a sweet deal!

Tonight, I’ll be eating…my new favourite dessert combo.

Apple Pie McFlurry Competition T&C’s

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