Taste the best seafood restaurants in Sydney without leaving home

April 8, 2019 | Sydney

There’s something inherently satisfying about food from the sea: the cracking of claws, the slurping of shells, and the oh-so-necessary lemon-scented bowls that adorn most tables. We’d say that Sydney’s seafood restaurant scene has been booming over the last few years. It used to be that there weren’t enough fish in the sea for Aussies. But with new eateries popping up all the time, it’s safe to say that Sydney has been spreading the net wide and reeling in some seriously good eats. From golden fish and chips to gargantuan sharing platters, we’ve searched high and low for the best seafood in Sydney. Take a seat, crack open a crisp bottle of white, and let Sydney’s catch of the day come to you.

1. Balkan Seafood Restaurant Sydney

Balkan Seafood Restaurant is revered as a restaurant of two halves. The original Balkan Restaurant Grill is known for excellent European style fare and large (yes, we mean LARGE) portions. With all their dishes prepared at the window on street-front grills, Balkan prides itself on authentic old-style grill work. With dishes such as spicy sausages, poached Tasmanian mussels and whole Barramundi, you can rustle up a prime surf ‘n’ turf without ever leaving your living room.

Meat and Seafood Combination from Balkan Seafood in Australia

2. Fishbowl, Darling Square

With poke bowls taking Australia by storm, Fishbowl is one of the hippest seafood restaurants in Sydney that we’ve found. While fish is the obvious choice here, you can jazz up your Hawaiian-inspired poke bowl with different bases, proteins and veggies. We recommend ‘The Big Papi’, a classic Hawaiian combination with fresh tuna poke, edamame, beets, seaweed salad and sesame dressing. Can’t afford an overseas flight? We hear you. Grab yourself a poke bowl, visualize that Hawaiian beach and be bowled over at Fishbowl.

The Big Papi from Fishbowl in Australia

3. Salmon and Bear — The Fish Eatery

Born out of a passion for simple and tasty food, Salmon and Bear finds the middle-ground between traditional fish shops and high-end seafood in Sydney. Forget the Queen and the Commonwealth. The true monarch here? Ora King Salmon. If you’re not familiar with these glistening beauties, here’s the scoop. The higher oil content in Ora King Salmon gives it an irresistible, buttery texture when cooked. Take a crack at the infamous Grizzly Plate, featuring a hefty portion of fish and two salads or sides- this bad boy should come with a hazard warning. Should you finish your plate, we’re sure Poseidon himself will commend you.

The Big Grizzly from Salmon and Bear in Australia

4. Viet Hoa Oyster Bar

The go-to place in Cabramatta for Asian fusion seafood, Viet Hoa Oyster Bar & Kitchen epitomises fresh eating. Viet Hoa’s Aburi Scallops garnished with flying fish roe and seaweed are one of the most popular dishes at this joint and we can see why. Super fresh and perfectly cooked, it gets two thumbs up. For all the carb-lovers out there, why not give the Lobster Roll garnished with OBK special salt a whirl? If you’re feeling more sinful, try the loaded Peking Duck Fries. Served with chilli mayonnaise, black sesame and spring onion, this is seafood fusion we’d willingly jump ship for. Looking for something lighter? Sashimi plates and seafood salads round out Viet Hoa’s diverse menu. A hipster’s paradise, you’re sure to find something here to sink your teeth into.

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