Busy Area Fee for Eaters and Delivery Partner Surge

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Roll Out Schedule
Last updated: 26 November, 2019
Why are you doing this?

Introducing a busy area fee is one of many steps we’re taking to keep the Uber Eats experience reliable. Uber Eats users are being asked to pay more to have restaurants deliver to them at times of high demand. The total delivery fee, which will include the busy area fee, will clearly show on the Uber Eats app before the order is placed, so users can decide whether they want to order food now or wait.

Will this attract more delivery partners?

With the rollout of delivery partner surge, delivery partners may receive a higher fee for completing deliveries during periods of high demand. This is designed to encourage delivery partners to deliver meals when it’s busy and help keep the marketplace reliable.

How does this impact me?

Eaters will pay a new busy area fee to you when they order from your restaurant during times of high demand. The extra fee will be included in the total delivery fee (including the GST portion) in the order breakdown, which can be found under Order History section on your tablet or in Restaurant Manager.

The amount restaurants currently pay delivery partners for a delivery is calculated as the sum of a pickup fee, drop off fee and a per km fee. Restaurants may also pay delivery partners an additional variable amount called surge when they complete deliveries for restaurants during periods of high demand. This variable amount is capped at $10. The higher delivery fee for delivery partners is designed to encourage them to deliver meals when it is busy.

Any higher delivery fees charged to eaters and paid to your delivery partners will be reflected in the invoices issued by your restaurant and delivery partners, as well as in the corresponding CSV files. Both the invoices and CSV files are available for download on restaurant manager.

Does this change the cost of selling my meals on the Uber Eats app?

This change affects the delivery fee that your customers pay you for delivery, as well as how much you pay delivery partners for their delivery services. As always, Uber will give you a discount on your service fee to the extent that the cost you pay for delivery (exclusive of GST) exceeds the amount the eater has paid you for delivery (exclusive of GST). This won’t change with the introduction of the new busy area fee or delivery partner surge.

How do I know what delivery fee an eater has paid?

When you receive an order, you will see on Restaurant Dashboard the order amount plus the total delivery fee charged to the eater. Eater delivery fees will also show on your invoice, and individual order details can be accessed on Restaurant Manager.

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