Potato benefits that'll curl your fries

May 13, 2019 | Australia

Chippies, gnocchi, mash and vodka - no other veggie has contributed to so many crowd favourites. From heartbreak to a hangover, everyone knows the humble potato is a long-standing heavyweight in the comfort food arena. But did you know your favourite potato meals have got some surprising benefits beyond being simply delicious?

Stuffed with potato benefits

At Uber Eats, we've discovered that tasty taters are actually (kind of) good for you, your mood and your crew. Welcome to your very own potato benefits revolution.

Praised for their impressive versatility, potatoes benefits include being a delicious source of vitamins and antioxidants.

High in fibre, protein and potassium, these starchy bad boys are friendlier and more nutritious than you may realise. Rich in Vitamin C, B6 and carbs, some experts say potatoes can improve blood sugar control, reduce the risk of heart disease and give your immune system a boost while they're at it.

Are you ready to potato load up your next order yet?

Feed your needs

In an increasingly gluten-free world, comfort food has taken a backseat to no-carb options. Ditch the lettuce-wrapped burger you’re holding and revisit this classic ingredient because potato dishes are the perfect way to curb those midday carb cravings.

Stop hunger in its tracks and dig into your favourite dishes. From fries fully-loaded with saucy nacho toppings to a healthy and filling Nicoise salad, potato meals are firmly back on the menu.

potato fries

Potato all the way(s)

From twists on age-old classics to complete reinventions, most potato dishes will leave you full, content and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. And the best thing is, fried or baked, boiled or pureed; there are potato meals to suit all tastes – and every bottle in your condiment cupboard.

Say hello to rich gravy, tomato sauce, vinegar, aoli, mayo and the rest of your favourites.

Ultimate crowd pleaser

These tasty little treats are a hit for the whole fam and go down a treat no matter the season or the reason.

If you've got a big group over, you'll want fries to share. If your kids are feeling sad about muesli for breakfast, you’d better get them a hash brown. If you need to add a side of warm, soft cloud-like goodness to any meal, mash has got your back.

This starchy superstar is guaranteed to bring a satisfied smile to the face of anyone who eats it.

Choose your own adventure

From fresh meals to hearty plates, we've shared a few of the most delicious potato-laden dishes you'll find. Get ready to dig in!

There's nothing quite like a good potato salad, creamy and savoury with just the right amount of firmness. Enjoy it on its own or as a top-notch side with any main meal.

Did you know that lots of the nutrients found in potatoes are actually in the outer layer? That's good news for us because it means crispy baked potato skins are jammed with goodness.

baked potato

Go earth-conscious with a vegan potato and lentil patty on a bed of quinoa with crispy cornbread, spicy beans and avo to boot. This style of tasty potato dish is guaranteed to meet your lunchtime needs.

After something a bit more substantial? How about an aromatic Aloo Gobi curry, a mixture of soft white potato and cauliflower cooked in onion, tomato and Punjabi spiced gravy. Delicious by all accounts, even if you're not vegetarian!

potato curry

Next time you have that undeniable urge for fluffy mashed potato or a wholesome ‘tater stack, kick back in your PJ's because we're always ready to pump up the yams!

Uber Eats will bring the party to your living room so you can veg out like only a real couch potato can.

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