Birthday celebration ideas to help throw a smashing birthday bash

March 20, 2019 | Australia

It’s your birthday! You can cry if you want to, but there’s really no need. Planning a party can be stressful at the best of times. Whether you’re celebrating another passing year or you’re organising a friend’s birthday bash, let us help the day run smoothly with some tried and true birthday celebration ideas. Bust out the party poppers and settle in, because we’ve compiled a helpful list of birthday celebration ideas.

Last minute birthday gift ideas

It’s a nightmarish situation. The time has come. It’s the day before your loved one’s big day and you’ve thought of everything… but the gift. But don’t worry, all is not lost. With our last-minute birthday celebration ideas, your procrastination needn’t be the party crasher. Why not make that special someone feel like a king or queen with a spa day? With last-minute bookings commonplace in such industries, there’s sure to be space for one more. Alternatively, why not keep things classy with a cheese and wine tasting session? Play the connoisseur and swill to your heart’s content. Don’t worry, they’ll never have to know it was a last-minute gig!

Ace the main event with a birthday cake delivered via Uber Eats

Ah, the oh-so-necessary birthday cake. It’s true that a birthday isn’t quite a birthday without the cake, right? But wait a minute… disaster strikes. Your home-made cake recipe hasn’t quite gone to plan. The icing is all squiggly and you might have left it a little too long in the oven. Never fear, Uber Eats cake delivery has your back. Just open the app on your mobile and you’ll find an abundance of delicious bakes at your fingertips. The Cake Shop in Sydney, Santina’s Cakes in Melbourne and Heidelberg’s Cakes in Adelaide are all established Aussie bakeries that are sure to prove the cherry on top for that fantastic gathering. Wherever you happen to be having your birthday celebration, we’ll get you a cake in no time.

Selection of cakes from Heidelberg in Australia

Perfect party decorations

The right decorations really depend on the birthday that you’re celebrating, but we’ve got some top tips to get your party room up and running. For a children’s party, don’t forget party bags! We all remember when we’d excitedly rip open gifts that we received just to thank us for our attendance. With these decorative birthday celebration ideas, your child’s birthday can be just as magical. With bunting, streamers and plenty of balloons, it’s sure to be a hit. For fun and games, a cheeky piñata tends to be a crowd pleaser. If your intended guests are older, classy décor featuring muted silver and blues are hugely popular and complement most venues.

Party food delivery? Don’t mind if we do

We all know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. However, we think it’s fair to say that this applies to all of us. Appropriate food and drink are the final hurdles to getting your party truly stellar. If you’re in Perth, Ultimo On-Demand Catering delivers delicious crudités, bite-sized sandwiches, deli boxes and assorted cheeses that are pre-packaged and ready to go. If you don’t fancy a fully-catered affair, pick and choose your party food delivery through Uber Eats for a multicultural smorgasbord that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. Don’t slave over a hot stove or spend hours making canapes. Let us do the legwork while you spend time with those that matter most.

Whether you’ve somehow forgotten the cake or that all-important gift, Uber Eats can help turn a party that could have been a pass into a total smash. Gone are the days of awkwardly sidling away from your event to keep the food flowing. Uber Eats is the ace up your sleeve to keep your spirits high on that special day.

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