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    Lieu et horaires

    Grand Place 12a, Bruxelles, Bruxelles 1000
    Tous les jours
    12:00 - 21:30

    Hard Rock Cafe

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    $$ • Américain • Burgers • Salades • Sandwich
    • Notre sélection pour vous
      • Side Mac & Cheese
      • Wings
      • Baby back ribs
      • Twisted mac, chicken and cheese
      • Tupelo Chicken Tenders
    • Retail *Special Price on selected items*
      • Classic Logo Tee Men
      • Classic Logo Tee Woman
      • My first Tee
      • My First Onesie Classic Logo
      • Unisex Classic Logo Hoodie Grey
      • Unisex Classic Logo Hoodie Black
      • Unisex Classic Logo Hoodie Navy
      • Adult Legendary Repeat Burger Socks
      • Classic Logo Socks
      • Classic Shot Glass
      • City Drum sticks
      • Hurricane Glass
      • City V16 bottle opener
      • Tote Bag 1971
      • Roxtar Kids Plate
        Have your little rocker dine in style with this awesome guitar shape plate. It makes dining fun and playful.
      • Denim Jacket
        A classic denim jacket with a not so classic twist. Using Repreve materials made from recycled bottles, this simple but stylish jacket features two front pockets, lined hand pockets, adjustable side waist tabs and Hard Rock custom deep blue raised logo on the back. *specific city name
    • Messi Burger
        • Messi Burger
          A double stack of the finest beef, seasoned and seared medium well. Topped with provolone cheese, sliced chorizo, caramelized red onion, and our signature spicy smoky sauce. Served on a toasted brioche bun with shredded lettuce and vine-ripened tomato.
      • Bundle/Combo
        • Bundle/Combo (Single)
        • Bundle/Combo (Double)
        • Single Red Bull Combo
        • Double Red Bull Combo
        • Single Beer Combo
          Original Legendary Burger, Seasoned Fries, Carlsberg Beer
        • Double Beer Combo
          1 Legendary Burger & 1 BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, 1 Family Fries, 2 Carlsberg Beer
        • Ultimate Wings Experience Bundle
          Prix défini selon les suppléments
          Includes choice of classic wing sauce or BBQ sauce, fresh celery, ranch or blue cheese dressing.
        • Smokehouse BBQ Tailgate Package 4-5 Persons
          Serves approximately 4-5 people, includes: baby back ribs (1 full racks) basted with barbecue sauce. Wings (10 each ) with our signature seasoning and BBQ sauce. Served with twisted macaroni and cheese, ranch-style beans, coleslaw, garlic bread, and extra BBQ sauce.
          The perfect BBQ bundle for any event with our signature smokehouse favourites
        • Founders Day Bundle
          6oz of the finest ground beef, served double-stacked, topped with American cheese and sprinkled with our herbs and spices. Served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and sweet relish. With a side of Seasoned Fries and a Soft Drink.
      • Starters
        • Wings
        • All american sliders
        • Family Wings
        • Tupelo Chicken Tenders
        • Onion Ring Tower
          Our signature crispy onion rings perfectly seasoned and served with barbecue and ranch sauce.
        • One Night in Bangkok Spicy Shrimp
          227g of crispy shrimp, served with a creamy spicy sauce and coleslaw
      • Speciality Entrées
        • Baby back ribs
        • New York strip steak
        • Twisted mac, chicken and cheese
          Grilled chicken breast, sliced and served on cavatappi pasta tossed in a four-cheese sauce blend with diced red peppers and served with a side of garlic bread.
        • Tupelo Chicken Tenders
          Crispy chicken tenders served with seasoned fries, honey mustard and our house-made barbecue sauce.
      • Salads
          • Grilled chicken Caesar salad
            227 gr chicken breast, grilled and sliced with fresh romaine tossed in a classic Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan crisps, croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.
          • Norwegian Salmon Caesar Salad
            227g grilled salmon with fresh romaine tossed in a classic Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan crisps, croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese
        • Sandwiches
          • Grilled chicken sandwich
        • Legendary Steak Burgers
          • Original legendary® burger
          • The big cheeseburger
          • BBQ bacon cheeseburger
          • Veggie Burger
        • Sides
          • Seasoned fries
          • Family Seasoned Fries
          • Side Mac & Cheese
          • Ranch Beans
          • Coleslaw
            Homemade coleslaw
          • Side Caesar Salad
            Fresh romaine lettuce tossed in a classic Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan crisps, croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.
          • Side House Salad
            Fresh romaine lettuce with cheese, corn, carrot and tomato.
          • Side Garlic Bread
            Toasted bread topped with herb garlic butter
          • Side Onion Rings
            Our signature crispy onion rings, perfectly seasoned.
        • Kids Menu
          • Buddy JR's Cheeseburger
          • Razzi's Chicken Tenders
          • Styler's Twisted Mac & Cheese
          • Ain't Nothing But a Hot Dog
        • Desserts
          • Hot fudge brownie
          • New York cheesecake
        • Drinks
          • Coca Cola 33 CL
          • Coke Zero 33 CL
          • Red Bull
          • Red Bull Sugar Free
          • ROCKIN’ FRESH RITA - ABV: 17%
          • ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE - ABV: 17%
          • PASSION FRUIT MAI TAI - ABV: 15%
            A Tiki classic invented in the 1940s in California!
            Sailor Jerry Spiced Ru m, passion fruit and a
            blend of traditional Tiki flavors.
            Ingredients: Sailor Jerry Spiced Ru m, Passion fruit
            Puree, Monin Almond Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice,
            Angostura Bitters.
            Allergens: Sulfites, Tree Nuts.
            (Consume within 24
          • Fanta Orange 33 CL
          • Sprite 33 CL
          • Still Water Chaudfontaine 50 CL
          • Sparkling water Chaudfontaine 50 CL
          • Carlsberg Beer 33cl
            Beer can of 33cl
        Si vous souffrez d'allergies alimentaires ou si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique veuillez en aviser directement le restaurant avant de passer votre commande.
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