Taco City Louisville

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Tropical Quesadilla
Grill chicken, pineapple, ham, and American Cheddar cheese.
US$ 7.99
Burrito California
Grilled outside skirt or chicken, cilantro rice, black or pinto beans, French fries, American Cheddar cheese, crema Mexicana, and salsa jalapeno.
US$ 9.99
Naked Burrito
Grilled steak or grilled chicken, pinto beans, cilantro rice, Romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, crema Mexicana, roasted corn, and Cotija cheese.
US$ 9.99
Steak Torta
Sriracha mayonnaise, sirloin, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, avocado, and pickled jalapeno.
US$ 9.99
Torta Al Pastor
Cilantro mayonnaise, marinated pork, roasted pineapple, tomatoes, pickled onions, lettuce, avocado, and pickled jalapenos.
US$ 9.99
Torta de Carnitas
Sriracha mayonnaise, roasted pork, crema Mexicana, black beans, tomato, onions, avocado, radishes, baby arugula, and pickled jalapenos.
US$ 9.99
Torta Cubana
Sriracha mayonnaise, grilled ham, salchicha, pineapple, Oaxaca cheese, avocado, tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos.
US$ 10.99
Guacamole Dip and Chips
US$ 5.75
Cheese Dip and Chips
US$ 5.75
Chips and Salsa
US$ 3.50
Grilled steak or grilled chicken, tortilla chips, white cheese sauce, pinto beans, yellow nacho cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado dressing, pickled onions, and crema Mexicana.
US$ 8.99
Corn in a Cob
Butter, queso Cotija, chili powder, cream Mexicana, and cilantro.
US$ 3.99


Steak Taco
Sirloin, sauteed poblano pepper, sauteed onions, queso Cotija, radishes, crema Mexicana, and cilantro.
US$ 3.99
Taco de Carnitas
Roasted pork, guacamole, onions cilantro, and radishes.
US$ 3.75
Taco de Mole
Chicken in mole sauce, roasted corn, queso Cotija, cream Mexicana, and cilantro.
US$ 3.75
Taco de Tinga
Chicken with Chipotle, guajillo sauce, lettuce, queso fresco, pickled onions, and cream Mexicana.
US$ 3.75
Taco Al Pastor
Marinated pork, pineapple, onions, cilantro, and cream Mexicana.
US$ 3.75
Taco Chilango
Thin cesina steak, choriza, onions, and cilantro.
US$ 3.99
Taco Vegetariano
Black beans, roasted corn, calabacita, mushrooms, poblano peppers, pickled onions, cream Mexicana, queso Cotija, and roasted cherry tomato.
US$ 3.75
Taco de Chicharron
Pork rinds in mild green sauce with onions, cilantro, crema Mexicana, and radishes.
US$ 3.50
Taco de Camaron
Grilled shrimp, Chipotle aioli, roasted calabacita, roasted corn, red cabbage, cilantro, and jicama slaw.
US$ 3.99
Taco de Pescado
Grilled tilapia fillet with jicama slaw, cilantro, and Chipotle aioli.
US$ 3.99
Cod Taco
Fried cod, Chipotle aioli, red cabbage, and cilantro.
US$ 3.99


Sweet plantain, condensed milk, and crema Mexicana.
US$ 3.75
Yuca Frita
With cilantro dressing dipping.
US$ 3.75
Sweet Potato Fries
With mango sauce for dipping.
US$ 3.75


Churros de Cajeta
US$ 3.50
US$ 3.75


Soft Drinks
US$ 2.59
Jarritos Mexicanos
US$ 3.00
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