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    Lonesome Dove Western Bistro
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    Lonesome Dove Western Bistro

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    Location and hours

    419 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701
    Monday - Wednesday
    04:00 PM - 08:30 PM
    Thursday - Saturday
    Of all the restaurants and retailers in Warehouse District, Lonesome Dove Western Bistro is among the 10 places users order from the most. Wish you could ask someone what's best here? The meatloaf bundle is one of things that gets the most orders of the 35 items on the menu at this evening go-to. • ¢ • American • Family Meals • Family Friendly

    419 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701 • More info

    • Family Bundles

      • Meatloaf Bundle

        Includes: Meatloaf, Veal Demi Glacé Mash Asparagus Choice of Butter Lettuce Salad or Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake
      • Garlic Stuffed Beef Tenderloin Bundle

        Includes: Garlic Stuffed Beef Tenderloin Veal Demi Glacé Plaid Hash Asparagus Choice of Butter Lettuce Salad or Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake
      • Bison Ribeye Bundle

        Includes: Bison Ribeye Black Garlic Gastrique Burnt Carrots Asparagus Deviled Crab Choice of Butter Lettuce Salad or Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake
    • Chef's Box

      • Chef's Box (Serves 4-6)

        2 pounds beef tenderloin, 1 head garlic, 1 bottle of Chef Tim Love Signature Rub, 4 ounces of fresh herbs,, carrots, russet potatoes, yellow union, dry black beans, butter, 8oz of cheese, 1 Gallon of Milk, 1/2 dozen eggs, 1 roll of bathroom tissue
        Sold out
    • Dessert

      • Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake

    • Dinner First Course

      • Rabbit-Rattlesnake Sausage

        Manchego rosti and creme fraiche.
      • Deviled Gulf Coast Blue Crabs-Dinner

        Lonesome dove hot sauce.
      • Elk-Foie Gras Sliders

        Blueberry jam.
      • Wild Boar Ribs

        Lonesome dove BBQ sauce and escabeche.
      • Blue Corn-Lobster Hushpuppies

        Smoked tomato butter.
      • TX Quail Leg

        Bacon Waffle, Guajillo Pecan Syrup
    • Dinner Hand-cut Steaks

      • Beef Tenderloin Steak (8 oz)

      • Buffalo Ribeye Steak (14 oz)

      • Wagyu Tomahawk

    • Dinner Main Course

      • Montana Bison Ribeye

        Fried smoked Gouda gnocchi and LD hollandaise.
      • Elk Loin

        Hen of the woods, crispy collards, salsify, and candied grapes.
      • Idaho Rainbow Trout

        Sweet potato-chorizo succotash and citrus butter.
      • Iberico Pork Secreto

        Wild Boar Grits and Crispy Onion.
        Sold out
      • Sweet Potato Succotash Chile Relleno

        Chile relleno, black bean emulsion, chili pepitas, and avocado-corn salsa.
      • 8oz Garlic Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

      • Wood Fired Swordfish

        Kohlrabi Risotto, Braised Collard Greens
        Sold out
      • Rabbit Ravioli

        Jalapeno-Foie Gras Sausage, Smoked Gouda Alfredo
    • Dinner-Second Course

      • Grilled Corn

        Crispy pig ears, kale, tomato, cucumber, and red wine-mustard vinaigrette.
      • Fideos Dinner

        Grilled baby octopus, Spanish chorizo, and smoked paprika aioli.
      • Bowl of Texas Red Dinner

        Traditional garnish.
      • Butter Lettuce Salad

        Red-Chili Buttermilk, Chevre, Lardoons, Pickled Jalapeno
    • Dinner-Sides

      • Burnt Carrots

        Texas honey, Meyer lemon, and goat cheese.
      • Roasted Texas Mushrooms

        House vinegar and Texas olive oil.
      • Grilled Asparagus

        LD hollandaise.
      • French Fries

        Porcini salt.
      • Yukon Gold Mash

      • Crispy Brussels

        Bacon vinaigrette and black garlic.
      • LD Mac and Cheese

    • Hot and Ready

      • 1/2 Roasted Chicken with Asparagus

        Sold out
      • Meatloaf with Mash