Korea House Restaurant

Korea House Restaurant

$ • Korean • Asian • BBQ
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Location and hours

2700 W Anderson Ln Unit 101, Austin, TX 78757
12:00 PM - 07:40 PM
Tuesday - Saturday
11:00 AM - 07:40 PM

2700 W Anderson Ln Unit 101, Austin, TX 78757 • More info

  • All Day Doshirak

    • Doshirak

      A korean 'lunch box' style complete meal. Comes with rice, salad, 2 banchan, and 2 pieces of chicken mandu and your choice of protein.
  • Appetizer

    • Kimmari

      fried, seaweed wrapped, glass noodles, gochujang sauce
    • Mandu

      chicken or vegetable dumpling (6pcs), fried, soy dipping sauce
    • Seafood Pajeon

    • Bulgogi Pajeon

      bulgogi, savory pancake, onion, green onion, red pepper, soy dipping sauce
    • Korean Fried Chicken Nuggets

      (Your choice of sauce) Chicken Thigh, Battered, Fried, Tossed in Sauce Served with Pickled Radish
    • Summer Noodle Salad

      (NO rice or banchan included, serves 2-4) buckwheat noodles, green leaf lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, red bell pepper, grilled chicken thigh meats, boiled eggs, 16oz salad dressing
    • Kimchi Pajeon

      spicy, kimchi and scallion pancake, soy dipping sauce
    • Seafood Spicy Rice Cakes

      Serves 1-2 people Rice cakes, fish cakes, black mussels, squid, shrimp, boiled eggs, mozzarella cheese
  • Korea House Signatures

    • Bibimbap

      fried chicken or vegetable dumpling (5pcs), soy dipping sauce
    • Kimchi Fried Rice

      spicy, stir fried rice, kimchi, pork belly, fried egg
    • Ojingeo Bokkeum

      spicy, stir fried squid, vegetables, chili sauce
    • Kimchi Pork Belly Stir-fry

      stir fried, spicy marinated pork belly, kimchi and vegetables
    • Bulgogi

      thinly sliced marinated beef rib eye and vegetables
    • Chicken Bulgogi

      spicy, thinly sliced marinated chicken thighs and vegetables
    • Pork Bulgogi

      thinly sliced spicy marinated pork and vegetables
    • Galbi

      grilled, marinated beef short rib and vegetables
  • Noodles

    • Bulgogi Curry Udon

      udon noodles, beef bulgogi, curry sauce, fried egg
    • Japchae

      stir fried, glass noodles, beef, and vegetables
  • Korean Stews

    • Yukejang

      spicy bone broth, shredded beef brisket, vegetables, glass noodles
    • Haemul Sundubu

      spicy broth, soft tofu, seafood, vegetables, tofu
    • Kimchi Jjigae

      spicy broth, kimchi, pork belly, vegetables, tofu
  • Beverages

    • Soft Drinks

      Choose from selection. Availability subject to change, please confirm availability with restaurant employee
    • Immune Booster Tea