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    Simply Hummus Bar
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    Simply Hummus Bar

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    Location and hours

    393 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst, New South Wales 2010
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:00 am - 02:30 pmMenu
    05:00 pm - 08:00 pmMenu
    11:00 am - 02:30 pmMenu

    393 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst, New South Wales 2010 • More info

    • Hummus Bowls

      • Hummus Masabacha (GF)

        Hummus bowl with tahini, topped with warm chickpeas & our special house sauce
      • Hummus with Mushrooms (GF)

        Sautéed with onions.
        Gluten Free
      • Hummus with Tabouleh & Caramelised Onions (GF)

        Sauteed onions with maple and fennel seeds.
        Gluten Free
      • Hummus with (mock) Meat

        Our traditional hummus plate with TVP cooked with mushrooms, onions, parsley and spices. If you love traditional hummus plates, this one is for you!
      • Tastings Plate

        A lot of hummus and all our toppings (Israeli salad, spicy tomatoes, mushrooms, tabbouleh, onions, tahini) and 4 falafel balls. Comes with two pita bread
      • Humshuka- Special!

        Hummus with shakshuka sauce made with spicy tomatoes, Capsicum, onions and a special mix spice
      • Hummus with Israeli salad - Special!!!

        Our best selling dish is finally here!. A bowl of hummus with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. Comes with a choice of pita bread or carrot sticks.
    • Pita Pockets

      • Falafel Pocket

        Homemade falafel balls, freshly made hummus, Israeli salad & tahini
      • Sala'teem Pocket

        Hummus, Israeli salad, tabouleh, red cabbage salad, spicy tomato salsa topped with warm chickpeas, tahini & our special house sauce
      • Shawarma Cauliflower Pocket

        Fried cauliflower tossed with onions & homemade shawarma spices, red cabbage salad, tahini & Amba (middle eastern chutney)
      • Sabich Pocket

        Fried eggplant and potato, hummus, Israeli salad, tahini & Amba (middle eastern chutney)
    • Mains & Salads

      • Falafel Salad

        Israeli salad, falafel, pickles & hummus served on green leaves and topped with tahini
      • Sabich Salad

        Fried eggplant and potato, Israeli Salad, tahini and amba (green mango chutney) on a bed of green leaves.
      • Shawarma Cauliflower Plate

        Cauliflower tossed with caramelised onions, homemade shawarma spice, served in a plate with tahini and amba (Middle Eastern green mango chutney) dressing
      • Meaty Eggplant (GFO)

        Oven baked eggplant topped with Jerusalem-style planted based minced meat & tahini/ Served with a side of green radish salad
    • Smaller

      • 8 Bowl

        8 balls of falafel with a dollop of hummus or tahini
      • Smoky Popcorn Cauliflower

        Deep-fried cauliflower tossed in smoky paprika.
      • Arayes

        Half a pita pocket filled with soy mince and toasted. Comes with a drizzle of tahini On top.
      • Pickles

        240 ml container of pickles
      • Pita Chips

        Deep fried pita pieces seasoned with zaa’tar and spices
      • Baladi Eggplant (N)

        Naked charred eggplant topped with tahini & roasted cashews; CONTAINS NUTS NUTS FREE OPTION AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
    • Family Meals

      • Family Pack One

        8 half pita pockets, 16 falafel balls, large tub of Israeli salad, small tub of hummus and a small tub of tahini.
      • Family Pack Two

        16 falafels, Baladi eggplant, Large hummus, Small tahini, cauliflower shawarma, and 8 half pita bread
      • Family Pack Three

        Baladi eggplant, 24 falafel balls, 2 smoky cauliflower, Large hummus, tabbouleh & Israeli salad, small tahini and 4 pita breads
    • Sides & Extras

      • Spicy Chips

        Side of potato chips (French fries) seasoned with our house spicy mix
      • Israeli Salad

        Finely chopped onions, tomatoes and cucumbers.
      • Spicy Tomatoes Salad

        (240 ml container)
      • Red Cabbage Salad (GF)

        A side of our fresh Red Cabbage Salad (GF)
      • Tabouleh Salad

        A side of our fresh Tabouleh salad (GF); CONTAINS NUTS (can be without upon request)
      • Hummus Dip

        Small (240ml)
      • Tahini Dip

      • Add a Pita Bread

        Some good all pita bread, lightly toasted
      • Add Carrot Sticks

    • Drinks

      • Kombucha

        Browse our fridge for flavours.
      • Coca Cola

      • Coke Zero

      • Sprite

        Can of Sprite
      • Sprite Zero

        Can of Sprite Zero
    • Desserts

      • Tahini Cookies (GF)

        It tastes like halva (sweet tahini treat) and melts in your mouth! A great finish to a Middle Eastern meal.
      • Best Brownies Ever (gf)

        Brownies like you have never tasted before...
        Sold out
      • Malabi (GF)(N)

        Middle Eastern coconut cream pudding topped with the house syrup & nuts; Gluten free; Contain NUTS - could be made without upon request