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    Green Gourmet
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    Green Gourmet

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    Location and hours

    538 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards, New South Wales 2065
    Monday - Thursday
    11:25 am - 02:30 pmMenu
    05:25 pm - 09:00 pmMenu
    Friday - Saturday
    11:25 am - 02:30 pmMenu
    05:25 pm - 09:30 pmMenu
    ¢¢ • Vegan • Vegetarian • Chinese

    538 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards, New South Wales 2065 • More info

    • Yum Cha - Batch Crafted

      • BBQ Not Pork Love Buns (2pcs)

        Soft & fluffy Australian wholegrain flour buns filled with tender chunks of BBQ ‘pork’ in our own fermented bean hoisin sauce.
      • Spicy Eggplant Love Buns (2pcs)

        Aust. eggplant, stewed in a Beijing-style chilli (mild) with chickpeas; encased in a fluffy paprika bun pastry.
      • NEW: "Duck" Spring Rolls w Hoisin Sauce (3pcs)

        The first ever vegan ones in Sydney! (3 pieces)
      • Spinach Chia Dumplings (3 pcs)

        Fresh Australian spinach wok-fried with seasonal vegetables and ginger wrapped in crystal spinach infused chia seed pastry.
      • Chia 'Prawn' Dumplings (3pcs)

        Faux ‘prawn’, crunchy water chestnut, tender bamboo shoots and fresh crushed ginger, wrapped in crystal turmeric infused chia seed pastry.
      • Spring Rolls

        Three pieces.
      • Peanut Satay Skewers (4 pcs)

        Crisp and tender wheat seitan protein served with dollops of our own slow cooked peanut satay sauce, roasted peanut crumb and fresh cucumber.
      • Air Fried Radish Rice Cakes (3pcs)

        Low gluten, Low Oil. With faux 'ham' and shiitake mushrooms. Three pieces.
      • Dim Sim (3 pcs)

        Marinated shiitake mushrooms, tender Australian soy mince with a colourful vegetable medley, wrapped in a thin silky pastry.
    • Mains

      • Shantung Not Chicken

        Crispy wheat protein with pickled vegetables, sweet chilli, rice vinegar sauce and topped with peanuts.
      • Crispy 'Smoked' Duck with Asian Greens

        Wheat protein smoked in five spices, finished with a slightly sweet soy dressing.
      • Salt and Pepper "Calamari"

        Low gluten. Tossed in five spices, capsicum, coriander and fresh chilli.
      • BBQ King Roast 'Pork'

        Wheat protein sauteed in sticky hoisin sauce and topped with cashew nuts.
      • Sichuan Style Eggplant

        Lightly battered and tossed in red vinegar, soy sauce and chilli glaze.
      • Malaysian Yellow Curry (GF)

        With tofu, soy nuggets and potatoes.
      • Green Beans in Chilli Black Bean Sauce

        Low gluten. With shiitake mushrooms and a hint of chilli.
      • Green Gourmet Fried Rice

        Low Gluten
      • Laksa

        Malaysian curry rice noodle soup with seasonal vegetables finished with peanuts. 'Seafood' (Gluten Free) option includes 'prawns', seaweed tofu and calamari.
      • NEW: Spinach Chia Dumplings with Seasonal Greens

        Served with a light ginger soy or GF tamari dressing. There are 5 dumplings.
      • Salt & Pepper Tofu

        Tossed in five spices, capsicum, coriander and fresh chilli.
    • Sides

      • Mixed Grain Brown Rice (GF)

        Suits one person.
        Gluten Free
      • Jasmine White Rice (GF)

        Suits one person.
        Gluten Free
      • Wok Fried Greens with Fresh Ginger

        Low Oil, Low Gluten
      • Soy Sauce

        Soy Sauce or Tamari (GF)
      • Chilli Soy Sauce

        Chopped chilli (very hot) with Soy Sauce.
      • Soy Sauce

        Soy Sauce
    • Beverages

      • Soft Drinks

      • Bundaberg Ginger Beer

      • Remedy Organic Kombucha

        Your choice of flavour.
    • Vegan Desserts

      • Golden Playtime Semifreddo Cake (GF)

        One slice.
        Gluten Free
      • Passionfruit Baked Cheezecake

        Handcrafted by Green Gourmet. 100% plant based, free from any added gluten and 100% real passionfruit pulp used only.
      • Royal Earl Grey Sponge Cake

        Once Slice. Naturally infused with the unmistakable Earl Grey tea, and decorated with vegan butter cream icing.
      • Monkey Choc Banana Sponge Cake (Gluten Free)

        Scrumptious fresh banana chocolate sponge with a twist of peanut butter, made from gluten free flours (premium Australian almond flour, tapioca, rice, buckwheat, corn, flaxseed), quinoa flakes, natural rapadura. The cake is finished with a creamy peanut butter icing
      • Caramel Pop Top Cake Slice

        A moist, decadent wheat-free maple-chocolate mud sponge made from gluten free flour covered with an oh-so-tempting caramel icing, drizzled with melted chocolate ganache and our own gooey caramel sauce. Of course there's the maple/caramel popcorn too!
      • NEW: Coconut & Dates Mocha Love Buns (2pcs)

        Fluffy coffee infused Australian unbleached wheat flour buns filled with stewed dates and shredded coconut in a sticky mocha style sauce.(2 pieces)
      • NEW: Sweet Sunshine Pumpkin Custard Love Buns (2pcs)

        Fluffy turmeric infused Australian unbleached wheat flour buns filled with a fragrant & lightly sweet pumpkin & coconut cream plant based custard.
      • Brownie (GF)

        Decadent, fudge style baked brownies. Once you go for one, you will be going back for more!
      • Sweet Charcoal Black Sesame Love Buns (2pcs)

        Fluffy activated charcoal infused Australian wheat flour buns filled with a mildly sweet & nutty roasted black sesame tahini lava.
    • Meals for One

      • Wok Fried River Noodles

        Low gluten. Flat rice noodles with soy protein slices, crunchy bean sprouts, snow pea, carrot and cabbage.
      • Singaporean Rice Noodles

        With smoked soy slices, crunchy vegetables and turmeric curry powder.
        Low gluten
      • Wontons in Broth in Clear Broth with Noodles

        Served with Asian seasonal greens. Wheat noodles by default used.
      • Smoked 'Duck' with Noodles in Mushroom Broth

        Served with Asian seasonal greens. Wheat noodles used by default.