Prickles Mexican
Opens at 4:30 PM

Prickles Mexican

$$ • Mexican • Fast Food • Comfort Food
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Location and hours

9 Parap Pl, Northern Territory 0820
Sunday - Monday
Tuesday - Saturday
04:30 pm - 09:00 pm

9 Parap Pl, Northern Territory 0820 • More info

  • Entrees

    • Guacamole (GF)

      Smashed avocado and tomato, lime, coriander and spices.
      Gluten Free
    • Chilli Con Queso

      A creamy salsa of cheddar, achiote and tomato.
      Gluten Free
    • Frijoles

      Refried, slow stewed pinto beans, cheese and spices.
      Gluten Free
    • Trio of Dips

      All three dips. Guacamole, con queso and frijoles. Served with corn chips (v).
    • Jalapeno Bread

      Jalapeno peppers, roasted garlic and cheddar.
    • Garlic Bread

      Roast garlic and parsley butter.
    • Cheese Bread

      Cheddar, garlic and sweet paprika butter.
    • Great Balls of Fire

      Spicy corn crumbed balls of cream cheese, jalapeno and spices (6 pieces).
    • Taquitos

      Four deep fried tortillas stuffed with spicy chicken, jack cheese and jalapenos.
  • Mains

    • Burrito

      An oven baked tortilla with choice of filling smothered in salsa and cheddar. Served on rice with sour cream.
    • Tostada (GF)

      Crispy fried corn tortillas with choice of filling and sauteed vegetables. Served with rice and sour cream. Topped with jack cheese, salsa and iceberg.
      Gluten Free
    • Chimmichanga

      A deep fried flour tortilla parcel filled with melted cheddar cheese with a choice of filling. Served with rice and sour cream.
    • Meatballs

      Juicy pork, beef and chorizo meatballs in a garlic and tomato salsa with rice. Served with sauteed vegetables and sour cream.
      Gluten Free
    • BBQ Meaty Ribs

      American slow cooked pork meaty ribs smothered in BBQ sauce.
      Gluten Free
    • Chilli Con Carne

      A spicy blend of ground beef, pinto beans, guajillo and arbol chilli. Served with rice and sour cream. It's hot!
      Gluten Free
    • Colorado (GF)

      Beef stew served on rice with jack cheese, salsa and sour cream. Served with rice and sour cream.
      Gluten Free
    • Nachos

      Oven baked corn chips with your choice of filling, smothered with three cheeses, topped with salsa, served with sour cream.
  • Sides

    • Prickles Salad

      Black bean, capsicum, corn, coriander, red onion, celery, red cabbage, green olives, iceberg and tortilla with dressing.
    • Corn Chips

    • Salsa

    • Mashed Pinto Beans

    • Mash Potato

    • Rice

  • Beverages

    • Soft Drink

    • Canned Drink

    • Jarritos Soft Drink

      Made in Mexico.