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    Ganbaranba Noodle Collosseum

    Ganbaranba Noodle Collosseum

    $$ • Asian • Japanese set items • Japanese • Comfort Food

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    Location and hours

    12 Spence St, Cairns City, QLD 4870
    05:00 pm - 08:30 pmMenu
    05:00 pm - 08:30 pmMenu
    11:30 am - 02:30 pmMenu
    Wednesday - Saturday
    05:00 pm - 08:30 pmMenu
    11:30 am - 02:30 pmMenu

    12 Spence St, Cairns City, QLD 4870 • More info

    Opens at 11:30 AM

    • Appetizers

      • Edamame

      • Spicy Edamame

    • Tonkotsu

      • Ikemen Tonkotsu

        Pork broth. Tonkotsu with crushed garlic, garlic oil, egg and slow cooked pork.
      • Sunrise Tonkotsu

        Pork broth. A ramen dish. Sliced pork loin and belly combo is served over noodles in Ganbaranba tonkatsu pork broth and infused with garlic and chilli.
        Level 2 Spicy
      • Mugen Tonkotsu

        Pork broth. Meatiest, ramen dish. Shredded chicken and sliced pork loin slices are combined with cabbage and noodles in a tonkatsu pork broth.
        Level 2 Spicy
    • House Special

      • Zorome

        Chicken broth, fish broth, pork broth and prawn. Ganbaranbas noodle dish. Blend of chicken, fish and pork stock with white pepper flavour and topped with sliced pork loin, shredded chicken and prawns.
        Level Two Spicy
      • Koshitantan

        Chicken broth and fish broth. A light, spicy soup blend served over pork mince and noodles and loaded with veggies.
        Level 2 Spicy
      • Mukashi

        Chicken broth and fish broth. Noodles in soy sauce flavour broth and topped with egg and sliced pork loin.
    • Rice

      • Japanese Curry and Rice

        Our newly introduced delightful dish delivers a mouth-watering sense of crushed mushroom, fried onion, carrot, tomato and garlic flavour blended in the curry. The combination of those crushed vegetables with chicken and egg on top will moreish your appetite no matter what your taste preference are!
    • Veggie Lovers

      • Ganba Veggie

        Vegetable served with Ganba noodles in a vegetable stock. Cabbage, shallot, bean sprouts, carrot, tomato, corn and soft boiled egg.
    • Gyoza (Pork Dumplings)

      • Pork Dumplings

        Pork, Cabbage, Chive & Garlic Good things come to those who wait! Because our GYOZA (Dumplings) are with special garlic oil, egg and slow cooked pork
        Sold out