The Lake View Hotel
Opens at 6:30 AM

The Lake View Hotel

$$ • Modern Australian • Pub • Pizza
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Location and hours

22 Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree, Victoria 3350
Sunday - Thursday
06:30 am - 08:00 pm
Friday - Saturday
06:30 am - 08:30 pm

22 Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree, Victoria 3350 • More info

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  • All Day Breakfast

    • Lakey Wrap

      Bacon, egg, hash brown, spinach & tomato relish.
    • Egg and Bacon Roll

      Two freshly grilled rashers of bacon and a fried egg.
    • Three Egg Omelette

      With roast pumpkin, flat mushrooms, Spanish onion, tomato and melted cheese. Served with white Vienna toast.
    • Chicken Avocado Toastie

      served with chips
    • Ham Cheese Tomato Toastie

      served with chips.
    • 11" Breakfast Pizza

      Hollandaise sauce, mozzarella, lamb sausage, bacon, fresh tomato, mushrooms, smashed hash brown and egg.
    • Hot Corn Fritter

      Freshly baked spicy corn fritter with crispy bacon rashers, slow roasted tomato, avocado, relish and a soft poached egg.
    • House Muesli

      Toasted orange & honey muesli with mixed nuts, dried fruit, vanilla yoghurt & milk.
    • Breakfast Pot

      Kapai Puku twelve high protein seeds mix with classic yoghurt topped with fresh strawberry, paw paw and watermelon.
  • Entrees

    • Lge Seasoned Wedges

      Served with sweet chilli and sour cream.
    • Lge Chunky Chips

      Served with tomato sauce or aioli.
    • Prawn Twisters

      Seven pieces. With sweet chilli dipping sauce.
    • Duck Spring Rolls

      Roast Peking duck spring rolls. Served with plum sauce.
    • Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

      Hot & spicy chicken wings served with garden salad
    • Garlic Bread

      Freshly toasted wood fired Turkish rolls.
    • Pumpkin Soup with Roll

  • Salad

    • Pumpkin & Walnut Salad

      With rosti, meredith feta and sweet maple dressing
    • Warm Chicken Salad

      Grilled chicken, roast pumpkin, bacon, Spanish onion & spinach with dijon mayonnaise dressing.
    • Chicken & Quinoa Salad

      Warm chicken breast with roasted pistachios cranberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado, coriander, mint, wild rocket & an apple cider vinaigrette.
  • Mains

    • Chicken Parmigiana

      Crumbed chicken breast topped with Napoli sauce, local ham and fresh mozzarella. Served with garden salad and chips.
    • Beer Battered Barramundi

      Fresh barramundi fillets in crisp beer batter. Served with garden salad, chips and a tartare sauce.
    • Salt and Pepper Calamari

      Pineapple cut calamari lightly tossed in a mixture of salt and pepper breadcrumbs. Served with chips, salad and tartare sauce.
    • Vegetable Lasagne

      Layers of seasonal vegetables, bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese and Napoli sauce. Served with chunky chips and fresh garden salad.
    • Beef Lasagne

      Traditional ground beef bolognaise layers with Napoli sauce, bechamel sauce and mozzarella. Served with fresh garden salad and chunky chips.
    • Chicken Caesar Wrap

      Grilled chicken breast, crisp cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing served with Chips and Garden Salad
  • Pans

    • Spaghetti Bolognaise

      Rich beef mince sauce and freshly cooked spaghetti with shaved parmesan cheese and sourdough toast.
    • Risotto

      Roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, onion & baby spinach in a silky arborio rice with shaved parmesan cheese.
    • Chicken Apollo

      Sauteed chicken, bacon, spanish onion, garlic, avocado in a white wine cream sauce served with parmesan cheese.
    • Chilli Chicken Spaghetti

      Pan seared chicken tossed with red pesto, fresh chilli, garlic and Italian parsley. Served with shaved parmesan cheese.
  • Pizza

    • 11" Breakfast Pizza

      Hollandaise sauce, mozzarella, lamb sausage, bacon, fresh tomato, mushrooms, smashed hash brown and egg.
    • 11" Double Smoked Ham Pizza

      Shaved local ham, bacon, mozzarella and fresh pineapple.
    • 11" BBQ Chicken Pizza

      Tender chicken breast, bacon, mozzarella and spring onion on a BBQ sauce base.
    • 11" Butcher's Pizza

      Mozzarella, lamb sausage, bacon, shaved local ham, jalapenos and salami on a BBQ sauce base.
  • Vegetarian Pizza

    • 11" Sweet Chilli Pizza

      Sweet chilli sauce and mozzarella. Served with sour cream.
    • 11" Pumpkin and Zucchini Pizza

      Roast pumpkin, char-grilled zucchini, semi-dried tomatoes and mozzarella.
    • 11" Margherita Pizza

      Freshly sliced tomato, oregano & garlic topped with fresh basil leaves and mozzarella.
  • Kids Mains

    • Kids Pasta

      Authentic Italian beef mince sauce with freshly cooked Spaghetti pasta and shaved parmesan cheese.
    • Kids Fish and Chips

      Lightly battered barramundi with chunky chips, garden salad and tomato sauce.
    • Kids Nuggets and Chips

      Crispy chicken breast nuggets with chunky chips and tomato sauce.
    • Kids Ham and Pineapple Pizza

    • Kids Calamari

      Lightly crumbed calamari with chips, garden salad and tomato sauce.
    • Kids Cheese Toastie

      Served with chunky chips & tomato sauce.
    • Kids Cheese Pizza

  • Beverages

    • Hepburn Springs

    • Fanta

    • Coke (No Sugar)

    • San Pellegrino Mineral Water

    • Milkshake

    • Fresh Orange Juice

  • Hot Beverage

    • Small Takeaway

    • Medium Takeaway

    • Large Takeaway