FOS kitchen and bar
Opens at 5:00 PM

FOS kitchen and bar

$$ • Greek • Pasta • European • Kid-friendly • Mediterranean • Italian • Fish and chips • Healthy
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Location and hours

4 Howard Pl, Bendigo Vic 3550, Australia, Unit 2,
Sunday - Monday
Tuesday - Saturday
05:00 pm - 08:30 pm

4 Howard Pl, Bendigo Vic 3550, Australia, Unit 2,  • More info

  • Mezze

    • Dips/ Pita

      Includes two dips, tzaki, roasted beetroot and stone milled pitta --good starter--.
    • Garlic Bread

      Home made at FOS kitchen with roasted garlic and parsley. Soft as.
    • Calamari Salad Box

      Mediterranean marinade secret, lightly fried on a bed of sld and ouzo aioli.
    • Lamb Ribs

      Braised lamb ribs that just fall off the bone, served with tazki, pickled cucumbers and lemon dressing.
    • Sliders

      Includes two Chicken gyro with FOS coleslaw & lime mayo.
    • Arancini Balls

      Pumpkin and rosemary with mizthra cheese and lime/mayo.
    • Chicken Drumette

      Six pieces of marinated chicken.
  • Pasta

    • Spaghetti

    • Penne (Carbonara)

      A true classic with bacon, garlic, spring onions, cream. What more could you ask for.
    • Orecchiette

      Pasta like you have never seen, chicken breast, bacon, pouring cream, spring onions and a hint of garlic. Orecchiette (like small small ears) - fantastic.
  • Souvlaki

    • Vegetarian Souvlaki

      Falafel, cos lettuce, tomato, tzatziki, chips.
    • Seafood Souvlaki

      Calamari, taramasalata, cos lettuce, tomato. Chips.
    • Pork Souvlaki

      Tomato, cos lettuce, tzatziki, chips, red onion.
    • Chicken

      Tomato, cos lettuce, chips, red onion, roasted capsicum sauce, chicken from the gyro, wrap in stone milled pitta.
  • Main

    • Dinner Box

      Includes: gyro chicken, gyro pork, pitta, salad, chips with tzaki - like open one!!
    • Chicken Skewers

      Includes: char-grilled chicken skewers with light fried chat potatoes and tzaki. (3 pieces).
    • Beef Ribs & Chat Potato, Onion Jam

      6-hour braised beef rib served with chat potatos, rich onion jam and a touch of beef jus.
    • Fish & Chips/Salad

      Lightly battered Flathead tails, with a mixed cos sld and chips.
    • Moussaka & Chips

      Home made to the yia yia recipe and two days to make: sweet meat sauce and creamy bechamel, with fried potatoes, eggplant and zucchini. Just a Greek classic.
  • Sides

    • Greek Salad

      Classic greek salad vine ripened tomatoes, cucumber, sliced red onion, capsicum, olives, creten feta with a dash of greek olive and dash red vine vinegar. (gf)
    • Sweet Potato Salad

      Roasted sweet potato, with pear chutney,s moke yogurt, pistachio nuts and a touch of lemon dressing.
    • Ancient Grain Salad

      Black, white and red quinoa, red onion, parsley, currents, pomegranate with honry yoghurt (gf).
    • Fries

  • Kids

    • Chicken Gyro & Chips

      Gyro chicken and chips with tomato sauce.
    • Calamari & Chips

      Lightly fried and served with chips.
    • Fries and Tom Sauce

    • Spaghetti Bolognaise

    • Meatballs Cream Cheese Penne Pasta

      Kids love creamy cheese pasta - done with penne pasta - not too rich just nice.
      Sold out
    • Mini Potato Cakes