Samrat Tandoori Restaurant

Samrat Tandoori Restaurant

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Location and hours

6/467 Fullarton Rd, Highgate SA 5063
Sunday - Monday
05:00 pm - 09:30 pmMenu
Wednesday - Saturday
12:00 pm - 02:30 pmMenu
05:00 pm - 09:30 pmMenu

6/467 Fullarton Rd, Highgate SA 5063 • More info

Opens at 12:00 PM

  • Entrées

    • Onion Ring Bhaji

      Onion rings marinated with ajwain, lime juice, and salt. Coated with chickpea flour and deep fried.
    • Vegetable Pakora

      Four pieces. Fritters stuffed with assorted vegetables, chickpea flour, and deep fried.
    • Punjabi Samosa

      (2 Pieces)
  • Tandoori Entrées

    • Chicken Tikka

      Four pieces. Boneless chicken cubes marinated overnight in yoghurt, lime juice, and spices, and cooked in tandoori.
    • Tandoori Drum Stick

      Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spice, cooked in tandoori.
    • Paneer Shaslik

      Cubed Indian cottage cheese with capsicums, onions, and spices. Cooked on skewers in tandoori.
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    • Chicken Shaslik

      Chicken, tomatoes, capsicum, onions, and spices. Cooked on skewers in tandoori.
    • Fish Tikka

      Four pieces. Boneless fish cubes marinated in yoghurt, herbs, and spices. Cooked on skewers in tandoori.
    • Tandoori Prawn

      Six pieces. Marinated with capsicum and onion in lime juice and spices. Cooked in tandoori.
  • Seafood Mains

    • Fish Masala

      Barramundi cubes cooked in capsicums, onions, and gravy.
    • Fish Madras

      Barramundi cubes cooked in South Indian spices.
    • Prawn Malabar

      A West Indian dish consisting of prawns cooked in red sauce with coconut and mustard seeds.
    • Prawn Jalfrezi

      Prawns cooked with vegetables and spices.
  • Chicken Mains

    • Butter Chicken

      Boneless pieces of smoked tandoori chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy. 
    • Chicken Masala

      Chicken cooked in light gravy with ground spices.
    • Chicken Korma

      Tender pieces of chicken coated in a creamy mild spiced sauce.
    • Chicken Madras

      Boneless chicken cooked with tomatoes and onions in a sauce with coconut powder.
    • Chicken Spinach

      Chicken cooked in a spinach sauce with mild spices.
    • Chicken Vindaloo

      Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce.
    • Chicken Jalfrezi

      Tender pieces of chicken cooked with mix vegetables.
    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      Boneless chicken marinated in a combination of yoghurt and spices. Cooked in tandoor and then in a spicy gravy onion and capsicum.
    • Kadhai Chicken

      Boneless chicken cubes with onion and tomato gravy, dry chillis, and whole spices. Cooked in a wok with capsicum and onion.
  • Beef Mains

    • Beef Korma

      Beef cubes cooked in creamy sauce.
    • Beef Vindaloo

      Boneless beef pieces cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce.
    • Beef Madras

  • Lamb Mains

    • Lamb Rogan Josh

      Lamb pieces in a gravy mildy flavoured with fennel and cooked slowly over a low fire.
    • Lamb Korma

      Lamb cubes marinated and cooked in a cream sauce.
    • Lamb Madras

      Lamb cubes with tomatoes and onion in a sauce with coconut powder.
    • Lamb Vindaloo

      Goan dish of boneless lamb pieces cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce.
    • Lamb Spinach

      Boneless lamb pieces cooked in spinach purée and flavoured with fenugreek leaves.
    • Lamb Mysore

      South Indian specialty of dried spicy and thick gravy, mildy flavoured with curry leaves and fennel seeds.
    • Bhuna Gosh

      Chef's special. Lamb pieces cooked in a thick onion, tomato, and capsicum gravy. Cooked slowly on low heat.
    • Samrat Leg of Baby Lamb

      Chef's special. Lamb slices marinated overnight and slowly pan cooked in the tandoor.
  • Vegetarian Mains

    • Daal Makhani

      A combination of black lentils, cooked slowly over a low fire and finished with cream and butter.
    • Alo Gobi

      Cauliflower and sautéed potatoes, stir-fried with mixed vegetables.
    • Chana Masala

      Chickpeas cooked in a tomato and onion gravy.
    • Malai Kofta

      North Indian style curry with cottage cheese, potato, and dried fruits cooked in a creamy tomato based sauce.
    • Alo Palak

      Potato cooked in a spinach with mild spices.
    • Navrattan Korma

      Dried fruits and nuts in a creamy vegetable curry.
    • Alo Baigan

      Eggplant tossed in onion, capsicum, and spices.
    • Matter Paneer

      Cottage cheese with green peas cooked in a creamy sauce.
    • Palak Paneer

      North Indian dish with spiced spinach and Indian style cottage cheese.
    • Mushroom Mattar

      Mushroom and green peas simmered in a creamy sauce.
    • Paneer Butter Masala

      Indian style cottage cheese cooked in a tomato and creamy sauce.
    • Paneer Tikka Masala

      Tandoori baked cottage cheese tossed in a pan with masala.
    • Kadai Paneer

      A combination of Indian style cottage cheese tossed with vegetables in a thick gravy, cooked in a wok.
  • Rice

    • Steamed Rice

    • Saffron Rice

    • Peas Pilauo

    • Kashmiri Pilauo

    • Vegetable Biryani

      Vegetables steamed with basmati rice and a combination of herbs and spices. Served with raita. 
    • Lamb Biryani

      Lamb steamed with basmati rice and a combination of herbs and spices. Served with raita. 
    • Chicken Biryani

      Chicken steamed with basmati rice and a combination of herbs and spices. Served with raita. 
  • Naan

    • Plain Naan

      Indian flat bread.
    • Garlic Naan

      Indian bread topped with garlic.
    • Butter Naan

      Indian bread topped with butter and sesame seeds.
    • Cheese and Garlic Naan

      Indian bread topped with garlic and filled with cheese.
    • Chilly Cheese Naan

      Indian bread topped and filled with chilli cheese.
    • Cheese Naan

      Indian flat bread filled with Cheddar cheese.
    • Tandoori Roti

      Wholemeal flour baked in tandoor.
    • Bhatura

      Deep fried naan.
  • Sides

    • Cucumber Raita

      Indian yoghurt, spices, and cucumber.
    • Mint Raita

    • Papadam

    • Mango Chutney

    • Mixed Pickles

    • Mint Chutney

    • Aloo Anarkali

      A combination of spiced cubed potatoes, pomegranate, lime juice, and coriander.
    • Kuchumber Salad

      A combination of diced cucumbers, carrots, onions, and capsicum tossed in lime juice and salad dressing.
    • Fresh Green Salad

      With cucumber, onion, and tomato.
  • Dessert

    • Gulab Jamun

      Deep fried dumplings of reduced milk soaked in a sweet cardamom flavoured syrup.