New India Restaurant

New India Restaurant

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167 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000
05:00 pm - 09:30 pmMenu
Monday - Friday
05:00 pm - 09:30 pmMenu
11:45 am - 02:30 pmMenu
05:00 pm - 09:30 pmMenu

167 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000 • More info

Opens at 11:45 AM

  • Entrees

    • Onion Bhaji

      Four marinated onion fritters in spicy chickpea batter.
    • Vegetable Pakoras

      Four spinach, cauliflower, potato, and onion fritters fried in a spicy chickpea batter.
    • Samosas Chaat

      Chef’s special savoury pastries in a tasty chaat (wiht chickpeas, spices, and yogurt toppings).
    • Samosa

      Two pieces in one serve. Triangular pastries filled with potatoes and peas
  • Vegetarian Specialties

    • Daal Makhani

      Black lentils cooked in a creamy gravy with blend of traditional Indian spices and herbs.
    • Mixed Vegetable Curry

      Fresh, seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in an authentic curry sauce.
    • Malai Kofta

      Cheese balls in a creamy makhni gravy.
    • Chana Masala

      Chickpeas and a special blend of spices in a thick, rich, aromatic gravy.
    • Aloo Gobi

      Potato and cauliflower cooked in a traditional blend of spices.
    • Aloo Palak

      Potato cooked in a fresh spinach gravy with chef’s blend of spices.
    • Mixed Vegetable Korma

      Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a mild creamy cashew and almond sauce.
    • Vegetable Vindaloo

      Vegetables cooked with a special blend the hot spices of Goa.
    • Matar Paneer

      Green peas and Indian cottage cheese cubes, cooked together into a delicious gravy from the classic North Indian Punjabi recipe.
    • Palak Paneer

      Indian cottage cheese cubes cooked in a fresh spinach gravy with chef's blend of spices.
    • Shahi Paneer

      Indian cottage cheese cubes cooked in a tomato based, spicy gravy.
    • Paneer Makhni Masala

      Indian cottage cheese cubes in a special makhni masala sauce.
    • Kadai Paneer

      Wok tossed perfection of Indian cottage cheese cubes and gravy with spices.
    • Tardka Dal (yellow dal)

      Yellow lentil cooked with onion and tomato with Indian spices.
  • Tandoori

    • Chicken Tikka

      Four pieces of tandoori roasted boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and a subtle blend of Indian spices.
    • Paneer Tikka

      Cheese cubes marinated in special blend of masala and cooked in tandoor
    • Tandoori Chicken

      Chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt and exotic spices, slow cooked in a tandoori oven.
  • Chicken Specialties

    • Butter Chicken

      Boneless pieces of chicken in a creamy tomato sauce.
    • Chicken Curry

      Boneless chicken pieces in a thick, traditional, Indian sauce with spices.
    • Chicken Tikka Makhni Masala

      Tandoori tikka pieces sautéed with red onion, ginger, fresh chilli, coriander, tomatoes, and a touch of butter sauce.
    • Chicken Korma

      A mild curry with a creamy cashew nut sauce, boneless chicken, and traditional spice blend.
    • Chicken Vindaloo

      Boneless pieces of chicken, pan-cooked with a combination of hot spices.
    • Kadai Chicken

      Chicken cooked in rich thick gravy with onion, tomato, and a blend of spices.
    • Mango Chicken

      A light, fresh, and flavoursome Indian adaptation of traditional Asian cuisine.
    • Chicken Jalfrezi

      is a curry dish originating in the Bengal and popular throughout the Indian subcontinent and beyond. It consists of a main ingredient such as chicken, vegetables, stir-fried and served in a thick spicy sauce that includes green chilli peppers. Common further ingredients include bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.
  • Beef Specialties

    • Beef Madras

      Diced pieces of yearling beef in a rich South Indian coconut gravy.
    • Beef Korma

      Tender beef pieces cooked in a mild cashew nut and cream sauce.
    • Beef Vindaloo

      Beef pieces cooked in a hot and spicy sauce.
    • Beef Masala

      Chef’s signature dish of beef pieces cooked in a rich, thick gravy with onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices.
  • Lamb Specialties

    • Lamb Rogan Josh

      Chunky cubes of lamb leg cooked in a rich gravy of yogurt, tomato, and Kashmiri spices.
    • Lamb Korma

      Succulent lamb cubes cooked in a mild and creamy cashew nut gravy.
    • Lamb Vindaloo

      Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a hot and spicy sauce.
    • Lamb Masala

      Chef's signature dish of lamb leg cooked in a rich and thick gravy with onions, tomatoes, and blend of spices.
  • Seafood Delicacies

    • Fish Malabar

      Local fresh fish cooked in a special Malabar gravy.
    • Prawn Malabar

      Fresh local prawns cooked in a special Malabar gravy and a blend of spices.
    • Prawn Sambal

      Prawns with fresh ground chilli in a creamy, coconut based gravy.
    • Prawn Malai

      Pan braised prawns in a mild curry sauce.
    • Prawn Masala

      Fresh prawns cooked in a special blend of spices and a thick, rich, aromatic gravy.
    • Prawn Jalfrezi

      A North Indian delicacy of sautéed prawns in traditional spices and thick gravy.
    • Prawn Vindaloo

      Prawn cooked in a spicy vindaloo sauce
  • Biryanis ( North Indian style, cooked in pan)

    • Vegetable Biryani

      Seasonal vegetables cooked in long grain basmati rice and a special blend of biryani spices.
    • Chicken Biryani

      Rice cooked with chicken, shallots, and a special blend of spices.
    • Lamb Biryani

      Long grain basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of marinated lamb and a special blend of spices.
    • Prawn Biryani

  • Accompaniments

    • Papadum

      Four pieces.
    • Plain Rice

      Steamed long grain basmati rice.
    • Pilau Rice

      Long grain basmati rice cooked with fried shallots, onions, and green peas, with a hint of cumin.
    • Roti

      Plain wholemeal baked bread.
    • Naan

      Plain flour bread baked in tandoori oven, with your choice of preparation.
    • Mango Chutney

    • Pickle

    • Homemade Mint Sauce

    • Homemade Tamarind Sauce

    • Raita

      Home made yogurt with grated cucumber and pan roasted ground cumin seeds.
    • Garden Salad

      Fresh garden salad.
    • Cheese Naan

      Flour bread stuffed with cheese and baked to mouth watering perfection in tandoori oven.
  • Beverages

    • Soft Drink

      375 mL can.
  • Dessert

    • Gulab Jamun

      Two pieces per serve. Cottage cheese dumpling in a sugary syrup
    • Rasmalai

      Cottage cheese dumplings in a thickened milk syrup topped with pistachios