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    Location and hours

    198 Prospect Rd, South Australia 5082
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:30 am - 10:00 pm
    Friday - Saturday
    11:30 am - 11:00 pm
    ¢¢¢ • Fast Food • Comfort Food • Wings • Family Meals

    198 Prospect Rd, South Australia 5082 • More info

    • Buckets

      • Family Bucket

        Twenty four pieces nuggets, six pieces wings, two large fries, four drinks and one 250mL cheese sauce.
      • Jumbo Bucket

        Thirty six pieces nuggets, twelve pieces wings, three large fries, four drinks, one 250mL cheese sauce and three dips of choice.
      • Variety Bucket

        Twelve nuggets, six wings, four tenders, jumbo popcorn chicken, two large fries, four drinks and one 250mL cheese sauce.
    • Chicken

      • Chicken Wings

        Deep fried chicken wings.
      • Wings Combo

        Six pieces wings with chips and your choice of drink.
      • Chicken Nuggets

        100% house made chicken breast nuggets!
      • Nuggets Combo

        Twelve pieces nuggets with chips and your choice of drink.
      • Chicken Tenders

        100% chicken beast tenderloins!
      • Chicken Tenders Combo

        Four piece chicken tenders with chips and your choice of drink.
      • Popcorn Chicken

        House made popcorn chicken!
      • Popcorn Chicken Combo

        Regular popcorn chicken with chips and your choice of drink.
    • Burgers

      • Chicken and Cheese Burger

        Chicken and cheese between a soft potato bun.
      • Classic Bird

        Juicy fried chicken breast topped with American cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.
      • Blue Ribbon

        Crispy fried chicken breast dressed in buffalo sauce, beetroot and carrot slaw and blue cheese sauce.
      • FIlthy Bird

        Beef, southern fried chicken, American cheese, bacon, chili mayo and caramelised onion.
      • Signature Bird

        Southern fried chicken breast, chargrilled capsicum, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli.
    • Nugg Packs

      • Buffalo Nuggs

        Our house made nuggs coated in buffalo sauce, complimented with celery sticks and a side of blue cheese sauce.
      • Nacho Nuggs

        Our hand cut nuggets dressed with nacho cheese sauce, diced tomato, chives and jalapenos.
      • Vegan Nuggs

        Chicken free nuggets!
    • Loaded Fries

      • Cheesy Bacon Fries

        Oozing liquid cheese and bacon pieces on a bed of fries.
      • Buffalo Nugg Fries

        House made popcorn chicken tossed in buffalo sauce and drizzled blue cheese sauce on a bed of fries.
      • Pepperoni Pizza Fries

        Pepperoni pizza on a bed of fries. Need we say more? Pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, melted cheese and oregano for an extra touch!
      • Mi Goreng Fries

        Indomie Mi Goreng sauce, dressed with chives, chili, dried shallot and noodle pieces.
      • Nacho Fries

        Nacho cheese, chives, diced tomato and jalapenos.
    • Sides and Extras

      • Fries

      • Sweet Potato Cross

      • Mozzarella Sticks

        Three mozzarella sticks.
      • Onion Rings

        Onion rings served golden brown.
      • Mac n Cheese Bites

        Mac n Cheese Croquets. Three per serve.
      • Jalapeno Poppers

        Three per serve.
        Sold out
      • Nacho Cheese Sauce

        Sold out
    • Sweets

      • Cinnamon Donuts

        Baked daily and fried to order donuts coated in cinnamon sugar.
      • Mini Churro Bites

        Bite size churros coated in sugar with your choice of sauce.
      • Nutella Spring Rolls

        Cigarette sized Nutella filled spring rolls with a dust of icing sugar.
      • Oreo Cheesecake Spring Rolls

        Cigarette sized Oreo Cheesecake filled spring rolls dusted with icing sugar.
    • Milkshakes

      • Milkshake

        Milkshake prepared with three scoops of icecream, whipped cream and toppings. (Oreo pictured)
      • Iced Drinks

        Your choice of iced chocolate or iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla icecream.
    • Beverages

      • Soft Drink

        600mL bottle.
      • Lemon Lime & Bitters

        300mL Schweppes glass bottle.
      • Iced Tea

        500ml Lipton Iced Tea.
      • Spring Valley Juice

        375mL glass bottle.
      • Water

        600mL bottle.
    • Dipping Sauces

      • Dipping Sauce