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    The vegan butcher
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    The vegan butcher

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    768 Union Blvd, Allentown, PA 18109
    Every Day
    10:00 AM - 07:45 PM
    Experience one of the most popular menu items among Uber Eats users at this evening go-to: the banh mi sandwich. If you're looking to order a couple things, you may consider this popular combination: the chips burger and the truffle fries. • ¢ • Vegetarian • Vegan Friendly • Sandwich • Healthy • Local Eats

    768 Union Blvd, Allentown, PA 18109 • More info

    • Sandwiches

      • Banh Mi Sandwich

        Your choice of protien topped with pickled red onions and jalapeños, cucumbers, carrots, and cilantro aioli on French baguette.
      • Avocado Toast Sandwich

        Avocado spread, tomato and basil on a French baguette.
      • Breakfast Sandwich

        Arugula, tomato, red onions, and chipotle aioli on sesame Italian bread
      • Shroom "ETA"

        Sautéed mushrooms, grilled eggplant, tomato, arugula, topped with rosemary aioli on a french baguette.
      • Open Face Avo

        Avocado spread, grilled tomato, basil, boiled egg drizzled with balsamic glaze on a French baguette.
    • Burgers

      • The Rose Marie Burger

        Diced tomato and red onions topped with rosemary aioli.
      • Chips Burger

        Caramelized onions drizzled with chipotle aioli.
      • The Guapo Burger

        Corn pico de gallo topped with avocado dressing.
      • Egg Splosion Burger

        Kimchi topped with a fried egg.
    • Tacos

      • Street Taco

        Pork belly or tofu topped with pickled ginger cilantro and radish finished with creme fraiche served in our housemade tortillas.
      • Barbacoa Taco

        100% Real Braised beef or tofu barbacoa topped with corn pico de gallo, cilantro and creme fraiche served in our housemade corn tortilla.
      • Breakfast Tacos

        Scrambled eggs topped with corn pico de gallo, cilantro, radish and creme fraiche, in our housemate corn tortilla.
    • Rice Bowl

      • Spicy Soy Fried Rice

        Rice sautéed in soy sauce, topped with pickled red onions and jalapeños, kimchi, cucumber, and carrots finished with a fried egg and scallions.
      • Pineapple Rice Bowl

        Rice, pineapple and carrots sautéed in coconut oil served with sesame seaweed salad, topped with black sesame seeds, and walnuts.
    • Sides

      • Truffle Fries

        Parsley and parmesan cheese tossed in truffle oil.
      • Lemon Fries

        Fries tossed in fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper and parsley.
      • Street Corn

        Old bay drizzled with avocado dressing.
    • Beverages

      • Iced Coffee

        Sold out
      • Iced Thai Tea

        Thai tea served with milk or almond milk.
      • Tractor Iced Tea

        Berry patch apple cider vinegar or hibiscus tea.
      • Pellegrino

      • Coffee

        Sold out
      • Water